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Having a 9-5 work time can be exhausting sometimes.  Oftentimes, you just want to get out of the city you work in and be somewhere else.  You just want to give in to your ever insatiable wanderlust.  A quick weekend getaway is sometimes what we all need to release all the stress brought by our jobs and other things.  A weekend getaway is proven to help us get ready for another week of papers, clients, memos, guests, and ledgers.  But where is the best place for a weekend getaway?  There are many cities that are perfect for this, but, one city stood out, Bangkok.  Bangkok Weekend Getaway.

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Macao or Macau is known all over the world as the “Las Vegas of Asia” with all of its huge and extravagant casinos and hotels.  It is also a favorite destination of history buffs because of its UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Being colonized by Portuguese for a long period of time, Macao has been a fusion of traditional and modern, of East and West culture.  Tourists in Macao have no complaints except for one thing, taxi.  Taxi scam in Macao is so alarming that is why the Macao Tourism is doing their best they can to monitor it.

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Almost all hotels in Hong Kong and Macau have standard check-in and check-out time which sometimes do not match with your arrival or departure plans.  In Hong Kong, if your departure flight happens to be at midnight and you have lots of luggage and leaving them at the hotel is inconvenient, you are lucky to have another option available for you:  Hong Kong In-town Airport Express Check-In.

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Exploring Vietnam in just a week is perfect if only visiting a place or two.  Some travelers with only a week to spare would ultimately decide whether to go to Hanoi or to Ho Chi Minh.  These two cities are polar opposite, yet a perfect description of the quintessential Vietnam.  If this is your first time on this country, visiting its capital is recommended.  Visiting Hanoi would mean visiting one of the country’s pride, a UNESCO heritage site, the Halong Bay.  Here is our DIY One Week Hanoi-Halong Bay Suggested Itinerary.

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Right after getting your US Visa approved, you’ve been wondering which state to visit first.  Would you head to the East and be welcomed by incredibly tall skyscrapers of New York with a side trip in Washington DC?  Or would you go to the West and visit California?  How about heading straight to Hawaii and enjoy the beach?  That’s pretty much a hard decision to come up to.  Then, you decided to go to California first.  The land on the west with the abundance of beautiful places to see and diverse culture to explore.  The next question would be is, “How will you be able to do it by yourselves?”  

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It is very rare for a US National Park to be visited and explored without a car.  Not having a car can be a hindrance for tourists to enjoy the natural beauty that the America has to offer.  Yosemite National Park is one of the very few national parks that can be enjoyed by everyone without having or renting a car.  It is very possible for tourists to come here via public transportation and to discover the area via its own shuttle service.  If you are planning a tour of Yosemite and worrying about not having a car, then worry no more, this article is just right for you.  Here’s our guide to Visiting Yosemite Without a Car.

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Los Angeles is the home of the biggest stars in the world.  All aspiring actors go to LA to try their luck and penetrate the world of showbiz.  But, not everyone who’s going to LA is wanting to be famous, some just wanted to see the beauty that is Los Angeles.

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We wanted our first visit to a US National Park to be amazing and memorable, that’s why, we totally prepared for it.  Yosemite National Park has been for a long time a dream place to visit.  With all its wonderful waterfalls, green meadows, gigantic granite mountains, and wildlife, it is surely on everyone’s bucket list.  Aside from knowing which transportation, accommodations, and tours to get, knowing what things to pack is also very essential.  

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We are used to taking a 2-hour flight from Macau, where we are currently living, to the Philippines, our home country.  The longest flight that we had was a four-hour flight to Thailand.  And even that, is like a I-seat-finish-one-book-and-voila-we-are-here flight.  Long distance flight is not something we are accustomed to.  Not until we made our trip to the United States.

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One of the highlights of our vacation in Singapore was our stay at Marina Bay Sands.  Since its inception in 2010, the hotel has been one of the most frequented tourist spots in Singapore.  Like its counterpart in Macao, the Venetian Hotel, Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort hotel.  The hotel has a casino, shopping centre, convention centre, and of course, its pride, the Infinity Pool.    The Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands has proven itself worthy to be on the same level as Sentosa, Merlion, and Universal Studios when talking about the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore.

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