5-Day Los Angeles Tour Itinerary

Later last month, our vacation in California has commenced and we were both thrilled and excited.  Our plane ticket was booked months in advance and accommodations were planned ahead of time.  Since it was our first time in the United States, preparation was totally in order.  Research, asking recommendations from local friends and more research were done to make sure our much awaited vacation will plan out perfectly.  After all, we felt like we totally deserved it. Continue reading “5-Day Los Angeles Tour Itinerary”

Baguio City, Philippines

Cold weather, fog, rain, strawberry, grilled corn, lengua, peanut brittle, pine trees, session road, and Marcos highway are just some of my recollections of Baguio City.  I had good memories of the place, because I used to frequent Baguio city when I was young up until high school.  In fact, other than Manila and my province, Bataan, Baguio city is probably one of my most frequented cities in the Philippines.  But that was a long time ago, it has been ages since I’ve last visited the city.  And it’s good to finally be back.

Baguio city is an urbanized city in the province of Benguet, a six-hour ride from Manila and one of the most famous travel destinations in the Philippines.  It is known for its cool climate, giving the city the distinction of being the “Summer Capital of the Philippines.”  Continue reading “Baguio City, Philippines”

Angkor Wat:  Like No Other Place On Earth

I’ve always been fascinated by Man-Made Wonders of the World that I promised myself to visit as many wonders as possible.  I have great respect for ancient people who made these great Man-Made Wonders and I’ve always been bemused by their resourcefulness and creativity.  I can’t help but think and wonder how they could’ve possibly built such colossal and magnificent structures without the use of modern technology.  That has puzzled me to no end. Continue reading “Angkor Wat:  Like No Other Place On Earth”