Top 10 Best Book Series to Binge Read

Have you ever read a book and right after you finished it, you wish that there is more?  Like, you get attached to the characters and you’re just not ready to part with them?  That’s the good thing about sequels and book series. You get to enjoy the awesomeness of a character way longer.

We always hear about people binge-watching but we seldom come across someone who likes to binge-read.  I really like to read books, but, I don’t consider myself a fast reader or an ardent reader.  I always make it a point to read at least two or three books a month, if the schedule permits.  Sometimes, I am a several-pages-a-day kind of guy or an-hour-a-day kind of reader.  That is why, “binge-reading,” is on my to do list.  So, if ever there is an ample of time to binge-read, the following book series should be on your top priority.  Books series that everybody loved and has been part of everybody’s life and somehow have influenced us. Continue reading “Top 10 Best Book Series to Binge Read”

Ten Reasons Why I Prefer Long Land Travel Than Air Travel

Every time I go out to travel, especially in cross-border countries, I always find myself researching and looking for a direct bus route or a direct train to transfer me from one country to another.  Taking a plane (aside from coming to and from my point of origin) is always out of the question.  I know for a fact that traveling by plane can save me some time and traveling for a long time can make for a very dull travel, but I always prefer to travel by land.  The longest land travel I had was 9 hours from Thailand to Cambodia and vice versa. Continue reading “Ten Reasons Why I Prefer Long Land Travel Than Air Travel”

10 Best John Grisham Books to Read

I’ve mentioned on my previous post that John Grisham books are my to-go-to books, books I would simply pick up from the bookstore shelf without even reading the synopsis because I am sure I’ll like it.  You see, back in college, my first course was Civil Engineering and after a year I shifted to Political Science.  I now have a vague recollection whether I started liking Grisham’s books after I shifted to Political Science or I shifted to Political Science because of my fondness with his books, whatever the case, it no longer matter. Continue reading “10 Best John Grisham Books to Read”

Top Ten Movies of 2015

How do you know if a movie is a good movie?  Do you have standards and guidelines to know whether one is a masterpiece or a mediocre movie?  Some people who have studied and mastered filmmaking, critiquing a movie has become their source of income and they have my utmost respect. But for an ordinary person, like myself, the greatness of a movie is subjective. It really depends on one’s standard and taste. Continue reading “Top Ten Movies of 2015”

What I Learned from Mark Zuckerberg’s Letter to his Daughter

Last December 1st, the CEO of Facebook and one of the richest men in the world, Mark Zuckerberg, published a letter addressed to his daughter, Max, that caught everybody’s attention.  The letter that he and his wife, Priscilla Chan wrote maybe addressed to their daughter, but we all know that that was for everyone else too.  The letter came at the most opportune time when almost all of us were busy minding our own lives, living for the present and forgetting the importance of leaving a legacy for future generations. Continue reading “What I Learned from Mark Zuckerberg’s Letter to his Daughter”

Macau’s Happy Hour

After a very long and tiring day from work, you just want to chill a bit, go to your favorite bar or spot, relax, grab a bottle of beer, binge-eat your favorite snack, talk sensitive and not work-related things with friends, forget about things that stress you even for just a couple of hours because you deserve it and you’ve been a great employee.  Every once in a while you need this and that sounds fun.  But you know what could make it better?  Yes, you’ve got it right, Happy Hour!  That’s the time of the day when you get freebies and great discounts for your alcoholic beverages, isn’t that great? Continue reading “Macau’s Happy Hour”

My Top Ten Most Favorite Books

Reading books wasn’t a hobby of mine until I started High School, I wasn’t one of those kids who adore books from a very young age.  Back in high school, I was only limited to books available in our school library or to my friends’ book shelves since neither did I nor my parents have extra money to buy our own.  Biography of Adolf Hitler, George Eliot’s Silas Marner and Animal Farm by George Orwell were some of the first few books I’ve remembered reading.  But it was Harry Potter that has got me into loving books.  Harry Potter books have paved the way for my introduction to a whole lot of books of different genre and I have to attribute this interest to JK Rowling who had brought me to a different world through my imagination of her writings.  In college, I discovered Grisham, John Grisham’s books are my comfort books, even with my sporadic moods his books are my to-go-to-books any time, any day and any circumstance.  Books in general have the power to move me, to influence me, to inspire me, to make me ponder on things, and to bring me to places I’ve only dreamt of going.  That is why Martin, Rowling, Tolkien, Grisham, Larsson, King, just to name a few are those I considered heroes. Continue reading “My Top Ten Most Favorite Books”

Procrastination:  The Battle I May Never Gonna Win

Procrastination is the act of putting off or delaying something that requires immediate action, like performing a task, doing a mission, achieving a dream, or facing personal and social problems.  Some may call procrastination a habit, some will say it is a disorder, but for me I consider it as a disease:  A disease I’ve been battling since time immemorial. Continue reading “Procrastination:  The Battle I May Never Gonna Win”