Dragon’s Back: Section 8 of Hong Kong Trail

I was just introduced to Hong Kong trails latter part of last year and I’ve been wanting to do it, eversince.  The last time I hiked a mountain was over ten years ago back in the Philippines.  I guess that would make me a novice or an amateur hiker.  After researching about Hong Kong trails and all, along with my wife and some friends, we decided to do it and unmask the side of Hong Kong not everyone get to see.  We knew that the hike would be exciting and of course, rewarding. Continue reading “Dragon’s Back: Section 8 of Hong Kong Trail”

Introduction to Hong Kong Hike

You shouldn’t be faulted if you think that hiking and Hong Kong are never to be associated together.  After all, Hong Kong is one of the most modern and urbanized cities not only in Asia, but, in the world.  High rise buildings and impressive skyscrapers are what Hong Kong is to the rest of the world, but, truth be told, almost two thirds of its geographical area is far from modernity.  Hiking may not be a popular activity for tourists, but, it is something they’re missing out. Continue reading “Introduction to Hong Kong Hike”

Macau to Hong Kong International Airport for an Early Morning Flight

Visiting Macau as a side trip to Hong Kong tour has been made convenient by the direct ferry from Macau to SkyPier at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).  If one passenger is flying via one of the participating airlines, then this privilege should be taken advantage of.  It prevents one from going back to Hong Kong City and taking public transport to HKIA which is quite a hassle.  But, like any other services, this ferry service is not 24 hours.  The first ferry is at 7:15am and the last one is before 8pm.  So, what if one have an early morning flight, like before 10am?  What options are available? Continue reading “Macau to Hong Kong International Airport for an Early Morning Flight”

Most Frequently Asked Questions During US Visa Interview

I have just been recently granted a 10-year Multiple Entry US Visa along with my wife after deciding it’s about time to explore the West.  For us who always wanted to visit the states, it is a dream come true.  Applying for US visa is not something you spontaneously decided.  You assess yourself whether you have a high chance of getting approved.  You prepare necessary documents, bank statements, travel history and of course, you save for the US visa fee.  After careful assessment and completion of all necessary documents, you think about the interview.  For most, the visa interview is the most dreaded, it may be short, but, sure it is unpredictable.  Today, we list down the Most Frequently Asked Questions during US Visa Interview. Continue reading “Most Frequently Asked Questions During US Visa Interview”

Vinyl Records Hunting in Hong Kong

I once said that one of the most awesome sounds in the world is hearing the needle hitting the record and that still stands true.  My generation has seen many kinds of audio format from cassette tapes, to compact disc, to high definition discs and we sure have enjoyed it all.  But, there is no better satisfaction and serenity than what Vinyl record can bring.  The rawness and the feeling of authenticity is unmatched and incomparable.  It might have came before tapes and CDs, but, some audiophiles surely prefer hearing great records played in Vinyl.  It surely is timeless.   Continue reading “Vinyl Records Hunting in Hong Kong”

Lan Kwai Fong, Famous Pub Street in Hong Kong

A tour in Hong Kong is not complete without experiencing the nightlife.  Incredible skyscrapers, enormous theme parks, and marvelous tourist attractions are what keep Hong Kong in the morning alive.  But, after a long day, one might want to relax, grab a beer and enjoy the bustling cosmopolitan anywhere.  Be it in the colorful district of Wan Chai, on any rooftop bars in Kowloon, or in the famous Pub Street of Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong, one is off to a good Hong Kong nightlife experience. Continue reading “Lan Kwai Fong, Famous Pub Street in Hong Kong”

How to Apply for US Visa in Hong Kong and Macau

Most people dream of visiting the United States of America to marvel the beauty of its numerous tourist attractions evident by the number of Visa applications US embassies receive from any parts of the world.  Lucky are those who are exempted from acquiring Visa and can freely enter America anytime they want.  For those who need to apply visa, appointment should be set, payment should be made and documents should be completed.  It sounds very tedious, but, it really isn’t. Continue reading “How to Apply for US Visa in Hong Kong and Macau”

Getting to the Consulate General of the United States of America in Hong Kong

There is no Consulate or Embassy of the United States of America in Macau that, all applying for US Visa have to go Hong Kong.  The Consulate General of the United States of America in Hong Kong is one of the busiest establishments in the city catering to at least a hundred people a day for Visa application alone.  It may seem a hassle for people coming from Macau to go to Hong Kong, but, there seemed to be no other option. Continue reading “Getting to the Consulate General of the United States of America in Hong Kong”

2017 Michelin Starred Restaurants in Macau and Hong Kong

The annual announcement of Michelin-Star restaurants is highly anticipated not only by restaurant owners but also by food enthusiasts.  Last November 9 at Ritz-Carlton hotel, the lists for 2017 Michelin Starred restaurants were finally unveiled.  The “inspectors” as they call themselves had finally came into a deliberate decision and award those restaurants that have excellent food value and service.  The food and restaurant business is taking this list pretty seriously.  To be included in this list adds prestige that would translate into good business. Continue reading “2017 Michelin Starred Restaurants in Macau and Hong Kong”