Los Angeles to Yosemite to San Francisco by Public Transportation

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”  This was the question my wife asked me when I told her we will have to take bus, train, and bus again to Yosemite and then to San Francisco.  I told her, “Yes, it is and it’s fun.”  Also, it wasn’t like we have lots of options.  Taking the public transportation was the only way to go. Continue reading “Los Angeles to Yosemite to San Francisco by Public Transportation”

Three-Day San Francisco Tour Itinerary

If it is your first time in California, San Francisco is one of the two cities you would first think to explore, Los Angeles being the other one.  For some people, like me who’ve never been in California,  we would think that San Francisco is the exact opposite of Los Angeles.  Los Angeles is one sprawling city, while San Francisco is compact and very accessible.  Los Angeles is loud while San Francisco is more serene.  These two cities sure have differences, but, both have diverse cultures that everyone would fall in love with. Continue reading “Three-Day San Francisco Tour Itinerary”