List of Philippine Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

Working in Singapore is a goal for most people wanting to work abroad.  High compensation and harmonious working environment are what tempted people to find jobs in the country.  Recently, many Filipinos are applying for jobs regardless of industries, because, Singapore has a great demand of manpower.  There are lots of job opportunities available for expatriates, they just have to show they are capable of doing the job.  With lots of opportunities, different methods and ways to apply are available.  One of the ways is to apply at any Philippine Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Singapore. Continue reading “List of Philippine Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Singapore”

2017 Michelin Starred Restaurants in Macau and Hong Kong

The annual announcement of Michelin-Star restaurants is highly anticipated not only by restaurant owners but also by food enthusiasts.  Last November 9 at Ritz-Carlton hotel, the lists for 2017 Michelin Starred restaurants were finally unveiled.  The “inspectors” as they call themselves had finally came into a deliberate decision and award those restaurants that have excellent food value and service.  The food and restaurant business is taking this list pretty seriously.  To be included in this list adds prestige that would translate into good business. Continue reading “2017 Michelin Starred Restaurants in Macau and Hong Kong”

Places in China Filipinos Can Visit Without Visa

China is the second largest state in the world and the most populous one.  With its vast land area, countless of tourist attractions are available.  Man-made and natural wonders have populated the country from Northern to Southern part.  With its rich history and abundant attractions, a visit to China is on the top of the list.  But, not everyone can easily enter China, most of world’s nationalities have to acquire visa to enter.  Filipinos, for one, are required a visa to enter, but, there are some places in China Filipinos Can Visit Without Visa. Continue reading “Places in China Filipinos Can Visit Without Visa”

Jobs in Singapore: Ways to Apply

Singapore is one of the best Asian countries to work abroad.  Competitive salary, nice working environment, viable community, and comfort are what set it apart from other countries.  With its growing economy, the demand for manpower is on the rise.  The country is welcoming expats with open arms and is willing to work hand in hand for the betterment of their economy and in return give expats a better future. Continue reading “Jobs in Singapore: Ways to Apply”

Macau Dining: North Restaurant

It’s only natural to look for and try Chinese food when you are in Macau.  What some do not know is that Chinese cuisine is very diverse because it originated from different regions of China.  There is the popular “Eight Cuisines of China” that came from different regions and offer different taste and ingredients according to the region’s specialty.  So, when one talks about wanting Chinese cuisine, one must be specific.  It is fortunate that Macau has lots of Chinese restaurants that specialize on different Chinese Cuisines.  For this Macau Dining series, the spotlight is on North Restaurant at the Venetian Macau. Continue reading “Macau Dining: North Restaurant”

Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands

One of the highlights of our vacation in Singapore was our stay at Marina Bay Sands.  Since its inception in 2010, the hotel has been one of the most frequented tourist spots in Singapore.  Like its counterpart in Macao, the Venetian Hotel, Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort hotel.  The hotel has a casino, shopping centre, convention centre, and of course, its pride, the Infinity Pool.    The Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands has proven itself worthy to be on the same level as Sentosa, Merlion, and Universal Studios when talking about the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. Continue reading “Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands”

3D2N Hong Kong Tour Itinerary

Hong Kong is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Magnificent skylines, impressive buildings, intriguing blend of Eastern and Western cultures, and numerous tourist spots are what make the city one of a kind.  It is one of the most popular cities, not only in Asia but around the world.  Even in the midst of its popularity and thousands of tourists arrival, Hong Kong has always delivered.  There are many tourist attractions enough to satisfy every travelers around the world.  Here in this article is a sample of Hong Kong Tour Itinerary to help you get around this incredible place. Continue reading “3D2N Hong Kong Tour Itinerary”

Top Ten Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world and nobody is surprised.  This cosmopolitan city offers a wide range of scenic spots, authentic Thai activities, and sumptuous cuisine.  It is impossible for a tourist to experience the quintessential Bangkok for a short period of time, but doing these ten things is the closest to experiencing it.  There is something about Bangkok that attracts people from around the world, people who don’t mind the hot temperature and humidity, traffic, and pollution.  It could be its diverse culture, delicious food, magnificent skyline, lively nightlife, or its hospitable people.  Whatever it is, everybody just loves Bangkok.  Below are the Top Ten Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand. Continue reading “Top Ten Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand”

Hanoi Vietnam: Hoa Lo Prison

Every country has a history, a remembrance of past struggle, hardships, and triumph.  Stories from our ancestors, written accounts on textbooks, remnants of artifacts and relics displayed on museums, and old photographs are our sources.  Vietnam has an affluent history being under French colonization to Communists uprising and revolt and to heartbreaking Vietnam War.  All of these had shaped Vietnam as we know today.  There are many places and historic sites in all over Vietnam that would remind us of their history.  And one in particular is Hoa Lo Prison in Hanoi, Vietnam. Continue reading “Hanoi Vietnam: Hoa Lo Prison”

POEA Accredited Agencies for Japan and Job Openings

Japan is one of the most sought after countries for Filipinos looking for jobs abroad.  With a competitive compensation, friendliness to expatriates and impeccable working environment, Japan is an ideal place to make a living.  With the high demand for manpower, a lot of POEA Accredited Agencies for Japan have opened wide range of job opportunities for Filipinos. Continue reading “POEA Accredited Agencies for Japan and Job Openings”