List of Philippine-Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Macau

On my previous post, I suggested an option for applying jobs in Macau, which is online application, for some who do not wish to leave their current jobs but at the same trying their luck here in Macau.  Now my post will be for people who are already in Macau looking for jobs and still waiting for a call from any company and will try an alternative option other than direct hiring, it is going to recruitment agencies.  Today, I will list down the Philippine-accredited Recruitment Agencies in Macau, Filipinos can go to when looking for a job. Continue reading “List of Philippine-Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Macau”

Jobs in Macau: Applying Online

The Philippine Consulate of Macau is not encouraging Filipinos to apply for work while on their tourist visas as stated by the Philippine Consul General Lilybeth R. Deapera on her interview on Macau Daily Times published on August 27, 2015. According to her, Filipinos could be more vulnerable to potential abuse from either the employers or agencies.  Furthermore, she mentioned that it is important to go through the proper way as some of them lack the necessary training. Continue reading “Jobs in Macau: Applying Online”

Working Abroad for the First Time: What You Need To Know

Working abroad could be for your own career advancement and growth, for greater opportunities or for some, like me, a necessity.  You passed the interview, you paid your placement fee, you’ve undergone training and attended seminars, your luggage are packed, you’re excited because it is your first time to go abroad, your ticket is booked, and your body is ready but are your mind and soul ready?  The prospect of working abroad is reassuring, as stated on my previous post, The Advantages of Working Abroad, but we also have to know some things that are actually happening on people working overseas and the realities so that we could better equip ourselves with defenses and be ready, really be ready, mentally.  I list down the things that first time overseas workers ought to know not to discourage them from leaving but rather to make them prepared. Continue reading “Working Abroad for the First Time: What You Need To Know”

Macau One Day Tour Itinerary

Some travelers who visit Hong Kong included Macau on their itinerary as a side trip only, especially those who don’t have enough vacation leave.  One day to tour Macau is definitely not enough because it is rich with tourist spots and attractions. But being in Macau for only one day doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy what the city has to offer, you just have to plan ahead and research ahead of time to know which tourist attractions you should prioritize in that short period of time.  But worry less, because I am here to help you make the most of your day and make sure that your visit in Macau is a memorable one.  Check this Macau One-Day Tour Itinerary below.  Continue reading “Macau One Day Tour Itinerary”

Top 13 Most Anticipated Fall Movies 2015

Summer movies are now over and we are now looking forward for upcoming movies this fall.  Summer movies are the mega-budgeted movies, more commercial than many of the fall movies, the season for sequels of big franchises, big-riot comedies, over-the-top action films and superhero movies.  On the other hand, fall movies gear towards quality, sometimes low-budgeted but the season where the best movies of the year always come from.  I list down below my most anticipated films in order of how excited and pumped I am to watch the film. Continue reading “Top 13 Most Anticipated Fall Movies 2015”

The Advantages of Working Abroad

Nowadays, what we see on TV, movies or any social media sites about working abroad are mostly about the sorry plight, the hardships, the discrimination, homesickness, the difficulties, and the different challenges OFWs are facing, albeit these are all the truth, that is only one side of the coin.  Working abroad for most people, is not entirely a choice, but rather the “only” choice.  In most cases, the cons outweigh the pros but for a moment let us forget the disadvantages and let us take a look at the other side of the coin, the advantages. Continue reading “The Advantages of Working Abroad”

TOP 10 TV Shows to Binge-Watch!

There are two types of OFWs; the first type are OFWs who go out with friends anywhere on their rest day and can usually be spotted at the park, at the beach, at the bar or any place where their co-Filipinos usually frequent.  After a very long week of tedious jobs, sometimes unappreciated, they choose to unwind and go anywhere to relax and have a good time.  The second type are those who just want to stay at home, wake up very late and just watch TV or movies at the comfort of their flat/apartment.  Continue reading “TOP 10 TV Shows to Binge-Watch!”

Upcoming TV Series Fall 2015 Premiere Dates!

Fall is my favorite season not only because of the weather but also because during this time some of my favorite TV series are finally back with the new season.  I usually take advantage of the summer season to catch up on my movie viewing because after this season I know I will be occupied with TV series and I can hardly wait!  I am a couch potato sometimes. 🙂  Continue reading “Upcoming TV Series Fall 2015 Premiere Dates!”

The Struggle is Real:  Living and Working Abroad

This blog has been on hiatus for the last 4 years so pardon me if my first two entries after that long break are both about me. The first one being my bucket list, my apologies if that bored you to death but I’m pretty sure this next entry will be a total snooze fest that you might stop reading after the first sentence. But for those of you who will cut me some slack and will continue reading, thank you! Continue reading “The Struggle is Real:  Living and Working Abroad”