We left the Philippines in 2007 for Macau not to travel but to work.  It was our first time to be in another country and we were elated to be in a foreign country we knew little about.  As OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers, work is a priority to give our families back home a better future.  We took advantage of our time to explore the place and we found out that we can actually work abroad while traveling.  Our wanderlust kept getting stronger everyday and we spent time to visit countries one at a time.

We haven’t been to a lot of countries but it is our goal to visit as many countries as possible while working abroad.  I hope we can quit our day jobs and travel full time, but, not everyone is lucky.  For the meantime, we want to share with you the places we have been and our experiences to help you plan your own.

It is our mission to update this page with the countries we still plan and dream to explore.

You may click on each place on the map for the travel guides or you may continue reading below:


    We have been to these places!








    Hong Kong














    Middle East


          United Arab Emirates




    North America


    United States




    Los Angeles


    San Francisco




    Yosemite National Park



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