Jobs in Macau: Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau is arguably the most popular hotel in Macau receiving more or less 80 thousand people a day.  The hotel has been considered as one of the most visited attractions in Macau and has largely contributed to the ever-growing tourism business of the city.  Venetian Macau opened on August 28, 2007, and since then, it has attracted its share of tourists wanting and curious to visit Macau. Continue reading “Jobs in Macau: Venetian Macau”

Jobs in Macau: Online Application

Macau has seen its rise to prominence as a tourist destination and at the same time as second home to expatriates from different countries over the years.  With its diminutive size, it has been home to some of the largest and most extravagant hotel casinos in the world and it has shown no signs of stopping.  This year alone, two big resort hotels are set to open adding to the already rich and populated casino hotspot the city is known for.  Throughout the years, Macau has been catering to people looking for greener pasture and helping them making their lives better. Continue reading “Jobs in Macau: Online Application”

List of Philippine-Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Macau

On my previous post, I suggested an option for applying jobs in Macau, which is online application, for some who do not wish to leave their current jobs but at the same trying their luck here in Macau.  Now my post will be for people who are already in Macau looking for jobs and still waiting for a call from any company and will try an alternative option other than direct hiring, it is going to recruitment agencies.  Today, I will list down the Philippine-accredited Recruitment Agencies in Macau, Filipinos can go to when looking for a job. Continue reading “List of Philippine-Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Macau”

Jobs in Macau: Applying Online

The Philippine Consulate of Macau is not encouraging Filipinos to apply for work while on their tourist visas as stated by the Philippine Consul General Lilybeth R. Deapera on her interview on Macau Daily Times published on August 27, 2015. According to her, Filipinos could be more vulnerable to potential abuse from either the employers or agencies.  Furthermore, she mentioned that it is important to go through the proper way as some of them lack the necessary training. Continue reading “Jobs in Macau: Applying Online”