A Balikbayan Itinerary

Balikbayan is a Filipino term for “returning Filipino” to the Philippines.  If a Filipino is lucky to be working in Asia or some close countries, he/she can come home once a year or even twice.  But, for some who are working in the Middle East, Europe or in America, it’ll take years before they can go home and be with their families.  All OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) work hard to give their families back home a better future, even if that means suffering from homesickness and exhaustion.  There is no better feeling for an OFW than knowing that after these long excruciating years, he/she will finally be back in the arms of his/her family even for a short period of time. Continue reading “A Balikbayan Itinerary”

OEC Online Application

So, I am having my much awaited vacation in the Philippines in a day to attend my brother’s “big day” and I’m pretty excited.  Aside from the usual routine of packing your luggage, buying things to be brought back home for the family, making sure you got everything you need for the next 5 days or so, we OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) have another thing on our plate to do before going back home and that is getting an OEC or the Overseas Employment Certificate.  Okay, getting an OEC is necessary not because not having this means we cannot return back to our jobs abroad but because having an OEC makes you exempted from paying terminal fee and travel tax which are not really cheap. Continue reading “OEC Online Application”

Homecoming Videos: I Dare You Not to Cry Watching These

Being away from your family is probably one of the hardest parts of living and the most heart breaking.  As much as you want to stay with them all the time, some circumstances make parting inevitable.  You allow parting to happen because sometimes, you know that in life, you have to make sacrifices no matter how hard it is, thinking that it is for the betterment of their future.  All those sleepless nights, homesickness, and the agony of waiting will only be gone when you are finally with them.  You long for that moment to happen real soon… Continue reading “Homecoming Videos: I Dare You Not to Cry Watching These”

Why, When, and How to Own a Credit Card

I was frightened to own a credit card before because I’ve heard a lot of things saying that having a credit card can put you into too much trouble when it comes to your finances.  Not to mention the fact that it is not always easy to get one, especially if it’s your first time and you are only starting to build your credit score.  But in these days when everything you need is almost online, owning a credit card has become a necessity.  Flight bookings, ITunes, Netflix subscription, online shopping, online membership, etc. require credit card for payment and if you do not have one, then you must look for other alternatives.  But before owning a credit card you must first know some few things:  Why own a credit card?  When to own one?  How to use it?  If you do know the answers to these questions, then yes, maybe you need one. Continue reading “Why, When, and How to Own a Credit Card”

What I Learned from Mark Zuckerberg’s Letter to his Daughter

Last December 1st, the CEO of Facebook and one of the richest men in the world, Mark Zuckerberg, published a letter addressed to his daughter, Max, that caught everybody’s attention.  The letter that he and his wife, Priscilla Chan wrote maybe addressed to their daughter, but we all know that that was for everyone else too.  The letter came at the most opportune time when almost all of us were busy minding our own lives, living for the present and forgetting the importance of leaving a legacy for future generations. Continue reading “What I Learned from Mark Zuckerberg’s Letter to his Daughter”

Procrastination:  The Battle I May Never Gonna Win

Procrastination is the act of putting off or delaying something that requires immediate action, like performing a task, doing a mission, achieving a dream, or facing personal and social problems.  Some may call procrastination a habit, some will say it is a disorder, but for me I consider it as a disease:  A disease I’ve been battling since time immemorial. Continue reading “Procrastination:  The Battle I May Never Gonna Win”

OFW Stories Part II

On the first part of this article, I’ve given you some narratives of OFWs and their stories.  Like what I’ve previously stated, not all stories have happy endings and I chose to tell those stories which didn’t have, because those were the hard truths of being an OFW.  But then again, presenting to you the unhappy stories did not mean that the life of an OFW was all full of bitterness and misfortunes, because there were also stories of success and happy endings.  So, here’s the second part of the article featuring stories of OFWs you personally do not know but stories you are well familiar of. Continue reading “OFW Stories Part II”

OFW Stories

We’ve heard a lot of OFW stories from our relatives who work abroad, from our friends, from periodicals, from the movies, from any form of social media, from the news and basically from anywhere, too many stories that we thought we’ve had enough and that we no longer need to hear another one.  But we are mistaken to think that we’ve heard all of their stories, every person has a story to tell and every individual has his own past, trials and tribulations, failures, success and unique experiences just waiting to be told.  Let me share to you, on a two-part article, some short stories of some OFWs and like many other stories, it is not always perfect and happy, only the truth. Continue reading “OFW Stories”

Life Lessons We Sometimes Forget

Everyone of us has a mentor, it could be our mother, our father, a teacher, a friend, a boss, a partner, or sometimes an experience.  A mentor is the one that teaches us how to live life, helps us when we are in trouble, reminds us of the way when we are lost, reprimands us when we are wrong and gives us life lessons that we can use in our everyday life.  They always say that experience is the best teacher and that we learn from our mistakes.  But as a human being, it is inevitable for us to commit mistakes, sometimes the same mistakes we committed before, oftentimes, fatal mistakes that cause others’ sufferings and loneliness.  They say life is a struggle, we get affected by the past, we are confused of the present, and we worry about our future. Continue reading “Life Lessons We Sometimes Forget”

List of Philippine-Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Macau

On my previous post, I suggested an option for applying jobs in Macau, which is online application, for some who do not wish to leave their current jobs but at the same trying their luck here in Macau.  Now my post will be for people who are already in Macau looking for jobs and still waiting for a call from any company and will try an alternative option other than direct hiring, it is going to recruitment agencies.  Today, I will list down the Philippine-accredited Recruitment Agencies in Macau, Filipinos can go to when looking for a job. Continue reading “List of Philippine-Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Macau”