Working Abroad

It was 2007 when we called ourselves as OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers and joined millions of Filipinos working abroad.  Stories of OFWs hardships and struggles were only just stories until we became OFWs ourselves.  We’ve experienced it first-hand.  We have never appreciated our fathers, mothers, relatives, and friends working abroad enough until we’ve put our feet into their shoes.  They have our highest respect.

This blog main purpose is for all expatriates, not only Filipinos, to learn how working abroad can be fun and enjoyable.  Being abroad means taking advantage of new environments and exploring it like tourists.  Aside from that, we will also try to help those who are dreaming of a greener pasture and help them find jobs abroad by providing tips of finding one and of new job openings.  We are not affiliated with any recruitment agencies, we are here to simply help the best way we can.

OFW Stories

We’ve heard a lot of OFW stories from our relatives who work abroad, from our friends, from periodicals, from the movies, from any form of social media, from the news and basically from anywhere, too many stories that we thought we’ve had enough and that we no longer need to hear another one.  But we …