Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands

One of the highlights of our vacation in Singapore was our stay at Marina Bay Sands.  Since its inception in 2010, the hotel has been one of the most frequented tourist spots in Singapore.  Like its counterpart in Macao, the Venetian Hotel, Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort hotel.  The hotel has a casino, shopping centre, convention centre, and of course, its pride, the Infinity Pool.    The Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands has proven itself worthy to be on the same level as Sentosa, Merlion, and Universal Studios when talking about the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. Continue reading “Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands”

Direct Bus from Malaysia to Singapore

Malaysia and Singapore, like Cambodia and Thailand or Vietnam and Cambodia or Hong Kong and Macau, is like hitting two birds with one stone.  For one short vacation, you may visit two countries with ease and convenience as they are bordering countries.  You can marvel on the magnificent Twin Towers one day and then enjoy Universal Studios the next day. Continue reading “Direct Bus from Malaysia to Singapore”

Singapore: Places To Go

I’ve been hearing a lot of good words about Singapore, not only about its rich tourist destinations but also about its disciplined people and its very clean environment.  This diminutive city, smaller than Hong Kong has a lot to offer for tourists and is commonly on the list of every traveler’s “places to go to.”  Just like Hong Kong, Singapore has one of the most efficient Metro Rapid Transit or Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) systems in the world and is one of the cleanest cities in the world too. Continue reading “Singapore: Places To Go”

Malaysia-Singapore Tour Itinerary

Traveling is one thing I know I can do and would love to do for the rest of my life.  Many have been said about the benefits of traveling, what traveling can do to your mind and character, but nobody can eloquently describe the feeling when preparing to travel, when you are traveling and after you travel.  Whether it is the excitement, then amazement and then nostalgia, no one can really put into words the joy that traveling can bring us. Continue reading “Malaysia-Singapore Tour Itinerary”