Tagaytay City, Philippines Day 1

Tagaytay City which belongs to Cavite, a province in the southern part of Manila, is considered as the other “Summer Capital of the Philippines” due to its cool temperature, high altitude location and numerous tourist spots.  It is here where you can get the most picturesque view of one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines, the Taal Volcano.  Whether planned or unplanned trip, Tagaytay is a place to go if you are looking for a short break away from the city, or if you want to temporarily release stress, or if you are just on a road trip mission. Continue reading “Tagaytay City, Philippines Day 1”

A Balikbayan Itinerary

Balikbayan is a Filipino term for “returning Filipino” to the Philippines.  If a Filipino is lucky to be working in Asia or some close countries, he/she can come home once a year or even twice.  But, for some who are working in the Middle East, Europe or in America, it’ll take years before they can go home and be with their families.  All OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) work hard to give their families back home a better future, even if that means suffering from homesickness and exhaustion.  There is no better feeling for an OFW than knowing that after these long excruciating years, he/she will finally be back in the arms of his/her family even for a short period of time. Continue reading “A Balikbayan Itinerary”

Baguio City, Philippines

Cold weather, fog, rain, strawberry, grilled corn, lengua, peanut brittle, pine trees, session road, and Marcos highway are just some of my recollections of Baguio City.  I had good memories of the place, because I used to frequent Baguio city when I was young up until high school.  In fact, other than Manila and my province, Bataan, Baguio city is probably one of my most frequented cities in the Philippines.  But that was a long time ago, it has been ages since I’ve last visited the city.  And it’s good to finally be back.

Baguio city is an urbanized city in the province of Benguet, a six-hour ride from Manila and one of the most famous travel destinations in the Philippines.  It is known for its cool climate, giving the city the distinction of being the “Summer Capital of the Philippines.”  Continue reading “Baguio City, Philippines”

Kids in the Philippines During Christmas Be Like…

It is only 2 days before Christmas and everyone is busy as a bee.  Mothers are busy preparing food for Noche Buena, some are busy doing last-minute shopping, some are busy attending parties and some are preparing to go home to their each and own provinces to spend this yuletide season with the family.  While the rest of the family are busy doing errands, kids are happy doing their own business. Continue reading “Kids in the Philippines During Christmas Be Like…”

Top Places To Go in the Philippines

2015 is almost over, and in a few days we will be welcoming a brand new year, and that only means one thing, (i guess a lot of things) planning your next travel destination!  If the Philippines is not on your list of your next travel destination, you might wanna reconsider that list, because the Philippines will definitely exceed your expectation.  A lot of the Philippines tourist destinations are listed on UNESCO world heritage list and some, are even included, for a time in the 7 wonders of the world list. Continue reading “Top Places To Go in the Philippines”

Top Filipino Christmas Foods

Everyone who is working abroad and away from his family may have a hard time feeling the spirit of Christmas.  This is especially true for those who are working on countries that don’t typically celebrate Christmas like China.  Back in the Philippines, you know that it is almost Christmas; when you hear Christmas songs playing on the radio, when you see vendors selling Christmas decors on the street, when your neigbours are starting to decorate their gardens and the facade of their homes with Christmas ornaments and lights, when it’s getting cold, when there are Christmas parties everywhere, when ABS-CBN has released its Christmas station ID or when you see trailers of movies for the annual MMFF, and most importantly, when your parents are already planning the menu of what you’ll have on Noche Buena. 

This year is my 8th year of celebrating Christmas away from home.  I may have gotten used to celebrating Christmas on a foreign country but that doesn’t mean I am forgetting why it is called the happiest season of all.  In a way, I am still lucky to be working in Macau, thanks to Portuguese influence, the city is not lacking when it comes to celebrating this festive season.  There are lights and Christmas decors everywhere, there are Christmas parties everywhere and there are churches keeping this tradition alive.  If I am lucky and I don’t get to work on Christmas day, I look forward to what I’m serving on our noche bueno table. Continue reading “Top Filipino Christmas Foods”