Malaysia:  Places To Go

It is very common that whenever we talk about Malaysia, the first thing that comes to mind is Petronas Twin Towers.  This magnificent skyscraper is the pride and the ultimate and most popular landmark of the country.  The country has seen a boost on its tourism over the years and the Petronas is undoubtedly the responsible for that.  Petronas Towers may be enough reason for tourists to visit Malaysia but the country has still a lot to offer for tourists to make their stay more memorable and unforgettable. Continue reading “Malaysia:  Places To Go”

Singapore: Places To Go

I’ve been hearing a lot of good words about Singapore, not only about its rich tourist destinations but also about its disciplined people and its very clean environment.  This diminutive city, smaller than Hong Kong has a lot to offer for tourists and is commonly on the list of every traveler’s “places to go to.”  Just like Hong Kong, Singapore has one of the most efficient Metro Rapid Transit or Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) systems in the world and is one of the cleanest cities in the world too. Continue reading “Singapore: Places To Go”

Angkor Wat:  Like No Other Place On Earth

I’ve always been fascinated by Man-Made Wonders of the World that I promised myself to visit as many wonders as possible.  I have great respect for ancient people who made these great Man-Made Wonders and I’ve always been bemused by their resourcefulness and creativity.  I can’t help but think and wonder how they could’ve possibly built such colossal and magnificent structures without the use of modern technology.  That has puzzled me to no end. Continue reading “Angkor Wat:  Like No Other Place On Earth”

2016 Michelin Starred Restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau

The Michelin Guide has announced its 2016 Stars for Hong Kong and Macau restaurants just recently.  The Michelin result has been highly anticipated by all the restaurants as it proves critical for one’s business.  For how many years now, Michelin star rating has been the standard of a restaurant’s quality and service.  Michelin has maintained its reputation and credibility over the years and the unrelenting “inspectors” as they call themselves, have remained an enigma for restaurants owners and staff.  A restaurant can greatly benefit from the ratings given by Michelin from boasting its popularity to growth on its income, thus, guaranteeing the longevity of the business.  On the other hand, a slip on the ratings can be disastrous to a restaurant’s business. Continue reading “2016 Michelin Starred Restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau”

Macau’s Happy Hour

After a very long and tiring day from work, you just want to chill a bit, go to your favorite bar or spot, relax, grab a bottle of beer, binge-eat your favorite snack, talk sensitive and not work-related things with friends, forget about things that stress you even for just a couple of hours because you deserve it and you’ve been a great employee.  Every once in a while you need this and that sounds fun.  But you know what could make it better?  Yes, you’ve got it right, Happy Hour!  That’s the time of the day when you get freebies and great discounts for your alcoholic beverages, isn’t that great? Continue reading “Macau’s Happy Hour”

Hong Kong:  Places To Go

Hong Kong, like Macau is a Special Administrative Region of People’s Republic of China and one of the most traveled destinations in the world.  While Macau has been colonized by Portuguese, Hong Kong used to be under the administration of British government.  Hong Kong is home to tallest and most advanced skyscrapers in the world and known for its diverse tourist destinations.  You can’t help but be amazed by its magnificent skyline, one of, if not, the best skylines in the world.  Seeing the stunning skyline is enough reason for people to come to Hong Kong and for some to come over and over again.  You sure wouldn’t get tired admiring the view. Continue reading “Hong Kong:  Places To Go”

Macau Nightlife:  Where to Spend the Night in Macau

Like in all parts of the world where travelers frequent, experiencing the nightlife on a foreign place is a must.  It is like an introduction to a city and a way of getting to know the locals and what they are like.  Experiencing the nightlife is not only for young, single or couple party-goers, but even for people traveling with kids, you tuck the kids into bed, wait for them to fall asleep and presto, you are free as a bird.   Macau is the same as any other cities such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, or even Amsterdam, that even at night the city is still very much alive. Continue reading “Macau Nightlife:  Where to Spend the Night in Macau”

Churches in Macau

Macau has been administered and ruled by the Portuguese until its sovereignty was completely surrendered to China on 1999.  Portugal has not only given the city its name but was partially responsible for its rich history, traditions, and culture.  Despite Macau’s booming gambling and entertainment businesses, it was successful in keeping its ancient edifices free from destruction and its history away from obscurity.  On Portugal’s rich contribution in Macau, Catholicism was the most glaring and the churches were proofs that Portuguese’s influences and traditions are still very much alive. Continue reading “Churches in Macau”

Malaysia-Singapore Tour Itinerary

Traveling is one thing I know I can do and would love to do for the rest of my life.  Many have been said about the benefits of traveling, what traveling can do to your mind and character, but nobody can eloquently describe the feeling when preparing to travel, when you are traveling and after you travel.  Whether it is the excitement, then amazement and then nostalgia, no one can really put into words the joy that traveling can bring us. Continue reading “Malaysia-Singapore Tour Itinerary”