Thailand-Cambodia Tour Itinerary

Thailand and Cambodia are neighboring countries which share some similarities and major differences.  Both have diverse cultures but one is more open and liberated while the other one is a little bit traditional.  I looked forward to going to these two countries for different reasons:  Thailand, for its authentic dishes, one of my favorite cuisines in the world and Cambodia, for one of the greatest man-made wonders of the world, the Angkor Wat. Continue reading “Thailand-Cambodia Tour Itinerary”

Angkor Wat:  Like No Other Place On Earth

I’ve always been fascinated by Man-Made Wonders of the World that I promised myself to visit as many wonders as possible.  I have great respect for ancient people who made these great Man-Made Wonders and I’ve always been bemused by their resourcefulness and creativity.  I can’t help but think and wonder how they could’ve possibly built such colossal and magnificent structures without the use of modern technology.  That has puzzled me to no end. Continue reading “Angkor Wat:  Like No Other Place On Earth”