Macau’s Happy Hour

After a very long and tiring day from work, you just want to chill a bit, go to your favorite bar or spot, relax, grab a bottle of beer, binge-eat your favorite snack, talk sensitive and not work-related things with friends, forget about things that stress you even for just a couple of hours because you deserve it and you’ve been a great employee.  Every once in a while you need this and that sounds fun.  But you know what could make it better?  Yes, you’ve got it right, Happy Hour!  That’s the time of the day when you get freebies and great discounts for your alcoholic beverages, isn’t that great? Continue reading “Macau’s Happy Hour”

Macau Nightlife:  Where to Spend the Night in Macau

Like in all parts of the world where travelers frequent, experiencing the nightlife on a foreign place is a must.  It is like an introduction to a city and a way of getting to know the locals and what they are like.  Experiencing the nightlife is not only for young, single or couple party-goers, but even for people traveling with kids, you tuck the kids into bed, wait for them to fall asleep and presto, you are free as a bird.   Macau is the same as any other cities such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, or even Amsterdam, that even at night the city is still very much alive. Continue reading “Macau Nightlife:  Where to Spend the Night in Macau”

Churches in Macau

Macau has been administered and ruled by the Portuguese until its sovereignty was completely surrendered to China on 1999.  Portugal has not only given the city its name but was partially responsible for its rich history, traditions, and culture.  Despite Macau’s booming gambling and entertainment businesses, it was successful in keeping its ancient edifices free from destruction and its history away from obscurity.  On Portugal’s rich contribution in Macau, Catholicism was the most glaring and the churches were proofs that Portuguese’s influences and traditions are still very much alive. Continue reading “Churches in Macau”

Macau One Day Tour Itinerary

Some travelers who visit Hong Kong included Macau on their itinerary as a side trip only, especially those who don’t have enough vacation leave.  One day to tour Macau is definitely not enough because it is rich with tourist spots and attractions. But being in Macau for only one day doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy what the city has to offer, you just have to plan ahead and research ahead of time to know which tourist attractions you should prioritize in that short period of time.  But worry less, because I am here to help you make the most of your day and make sure that your visit in Macau is a memorable one.  Check this Macau One-Day Tour Itinerary below.  Continue reading “Macau One Day Tour Itinerary”