Shows in Macau this 2017

Just after the successful conclusion of 2016 with amazing fireworks display in Macau, Macau is now gearing towards 2017 as the center of entertainment in Asia.  Last year, locals and tourists were treated with world-class performances from world renowned talents who set Macau’s stage on fire.  Entertainment venues like, Cotai Arena and Venetian Theatre in Venetian Hotel, Parisian Theatre, Broadway Theatre and Macau Cultural Center, to name a few, had been filled with satisfied spectators to the rafters that witness amazing shows all throughout the year. Continue reading “Shows in Macau this 2017”

Street Food in Macau

The old street of Macau is like one open and enormous museum of historical artifacts and establishments.  At least 20 places included in Unesco Macau Heritage Site list are within the same vicinity, that a lot of walking is required.  Traveling not only in Macau can be tiresome, but, the historical richness of the place is all worth it.  Each new place adds information to our brain but each walk can make us feel hungry.  That is why, discovering the street food of one given place is a must.  In Macau, famish is not a word you will associate your self because street food is everywhere.  Macau street food is clean, tasty, uniquely local, and very affordable. Continue reading “Street Food in Macau”

Macau Dining: North Restaurant

It’s only natural to look for and try Chinese food when you are in Macau.  What some do not know is that Chinese cuisine is very diverse because it originated from different regions of China.  There is the popular “Eight Cuisines of China” that came from different regions and offer different taste and ingredients according to the region’s specialty.  So, when one talks about wanting Chinese cuisine, one must be specific.  It is fortunate that Macau has lots of Chinese restaurants that specialize on different Chinese Cuisines.  For this Macau Dining series, the spotlight is on North Restaurant at the Venetian Macau. Continue reading “Macau Dining: North Restaurant”

The Parisian Macao Hotel

Venetian Macau Hotel has brought Italy in Macau, nine years ago.  This year, Paris is within reach with the completion of the newest resort hotel in Macau, the Parisian Macao Hotel.  Just when everybody thinks that Macau has enough integrated resort hotels, two new ones had opened.  Last August we’ve seen Wynn Palace and its elegant modern hotel and the impressive Performance Lake.  Last month the replica of the Eiffel Tower has impressed a lot of locals and tourists, alike.  Truly, there is no stopping Macau from being the Las Vegas of Asia. Continue reading “The Parisian Macao Hotel”

Two-Day Macau Tour Itinerary

Macau used to only be a side-trip while visiting Hong Kong when the city is not yet known as the gambling hub or the Las Vegas of Asia.  The rise to its economy and enormous growth of casino resort hotels brought quite a number of tourists from around the world.  Now, the city is considered to be one of the most famous tourist spots in Asia.  Surely, it has gone a long way.  But, being the Las Vegas of Asia doesn’t mean that it only attracts gamblers because Macau is more than just casinos. Continue reading “Two-Day Macau Tour Itinerary”

Macau Museums in a Day

Some people tend to stereotype people who visit museums as boring, nerd, reserved, introverts or sometimes classy.  That isn’t entirely true.  Museums appeal to people from different walks of life, different generations, and different social classes.  People are attracted to visit museums because they are curious, they are hungry to learn about history, ancient cultures, the past, the old ways, and almost anything under the sun.  They are all born famished of knowledge and are all eager to fill the void with information that continue to fascinates each and every one of us. Continue reading “Macau Museums in a Day”

Guia Fortress: Macau’s Center of Tranquility

Consider these:  Macau is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world, Macau is almost forty times smaller than Hong Kong with an area of 30.3 sq. km. and I’ve been working and living in Macau for more than eight years now, you’d think that I’ve been to every side and corner of the city or at least to its most famous places, right?  Well, as a matter of fact, no.  There are still some unexplored treasures I need to discover and some places I should have visited long time ago, like the Guia Fortress in Guia Hill. Continue reading “Guia Fortress: Macau’s Center of Tranquility”

Macau Heritage Sites in Pictures Vol. 2

Here is the second volume, the last 15 sites, included in the Historic Centre of Macau that is listed on World Heritage Site list of UNESCO.  On the first volume of this article we’ve already seen on pictures some of the oldest temples in Macau like, A-Ma Temple and Sam Kai Vui Kan Temple, ancient churches like, St. Augustine’s Church and St. Lawrence’s Church, some Macau squares and of course, traditional Chinese site like the Mandarin House.  But you haven’t seen all of it, because here are the rest of the Macau Heritage Site that would complement the Historic Centre of Macau. Continue reading “Macau Heritage Sites in Pictures Vol. 2”

Macau Heritage Sites in Pictures Vol. 1

In 2005, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or more commonly know as UNESCO has inscribed The Historic Centre of Macau as a World Heritage Site.  The Historic Centre of Macau is comprising of 30 well-preserved sites in the old city of Macau, 30 living testaments of the fusion of the East and the West cultures.  The delegation of the site as a World Heritage has made it the 31st site in China to be granted this status. Continue reading “Macau Heritage Sites in Pictures Vol. 1”