When in Hong Kong: Ocean Park or Disneyland?

Ocean Park and Disneyland are both theme and amusement parks and are two of the most famous vacation spots in Hong Kong.  These two places are always on the list of every traveler going to Hong Kong and going to either of the place needs at least one whole day to fully explore and enjoy it.  They are both leisure parks but each one of them offers distinct value of entertainment.  It is great if you have ample time to visit both parks, but what if your time is very limited and would only have to choose one.  Which one would you choose? Continue reading “When in Hong Kong: Ocean Park or Disneyland?”

Hong Kong:  Places To Go

Hong Kong, like Macau is a Special Administrative Region of People’s Republic of China and one of the most traveled destinations in the world.  While Macau has been colonized by Portuguese, Hong Kong used to be under the administration of British government.  Hong Kong is home to tallest and most advanced skyscrapers in the world and known for its diverse tourist destinations.  You can’t help but be amazed by its magnificent skyline, one of, if not, the best skylines in the world.  Seeing the stunning skyline is enough reason for people to come to Hong Kong and for some to come over and over again.  You sure wouldn’t get tired admiring the view. Continue reading “Hong Kong:  Places To Go”