Los Angeles to Yosemite to San Francisco by Public Transportation

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”  This was the question my wife asked me when I told her we will have to take bus, train, and bus again to Yosemite and then to San Francisco.  I told her, “Yes, it is and it’s fun.”  Also, it wasn’t like we have lots of options.  Taking the public transportation was the only way to go. Continue reading “Los Angeles to Yosemite to San Francisco by Public Transportation”

Three-Day San Francisco Tour Itinerary

If it is your first time in California, San Francisco is one of the two cities you would first think to explore, Los Angeles being the other one.  For some people, like me who’ve never been in California,  we would think that San Francisco is the exact opposite of Los Angeles.  Los Angeles is one sprawling city, while San Francisco is compact and very accessible.  Los Angeles is loud while San Francisco is more serene.  These two cities sure have differences, but, both have diverse cultures that everyone would fall in love with. Continue reading “Three-Day San Francisco Tour Itinerary”

5-Day Los Angeles Tour Itinerary

Later last month, our vacation in California has commenced and we were both thrilled and excited.  Our plane ticket was booked months in advance and accommodations were planned ahead of time.  Since it was our first time in the United States, preparation was totally in order.  Research, asking recommendations from local friends and more research were done to make sure our much awaited vacation will plan out perfectly.  After all, we felt like we totally deserved it. Continue reading “5-Day Los Angeles Tour Itinerary”

Dragon’s Back: Section 8 of Hong Kong Trail

I was just introduced to Hong Kong trails latter part of last year and I’ve been wanting to do it, eversince.  The last time I hiked a mountain was over ten years ago back in the Philippines.  I guess that would make me a novice or an amateur hiker.  After researching about Hong Kong trails and all, along with my wife and some friends, we decided to do it and unmask the side of Hong Kong not everyone get to see.  We knew that the hike would be exciting and of course, rewarding. Continue reading “Dragon’s Back: Section 8 of Hong Kong Trail”

Job Openings for New Zealand via POEA Accredited Agencies

Working abroad is never easy, but, working somewhere beautiful can lessen the difficulty.  Imagine working in a country so laid back that serenity is within reach.  Add to that a handsome compensation and a chance to travel the magnificent place.  Who wouldn’t take it?  New Zealand is one of those countries, Filipinos dream of working.  I myself always wanted to work and visit the country. Continue reading “Job Openings for New Zealand via POEA Accredited Agencies”

Introduction to Hong Kong Hike

You shouldn’t be faulted if you think that hiking and Hong Kong are never to be associated together.  After all, Hong Kong is one of the most modern and urbanized cities not only in Asia, but, in the world.  High rise buildings and impressive skyscrapers are what Hong Kong is to the rest of the world, but, truth be told, almost two thirds of its geographical area is far from modernity.  Hiking may not be a popular activity for tourists, but, it is something they’re missing out. Continue reading “Introduction to Hong Kong Hike”

Macau to Hong Kong International Airport for an Early Morning Flight

Visiting Macau as a side trip to Hong Kong tour has been made convenient by the direct ferry from Macau to SkyPier at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).  If one passenger is flying via one of the participating airlines, then this privilege should be taken advantage of.  It prevents one from going back to Hong Kong City and taking public transport to HKIA which is quite a hassle.  But, like any other services, this ferry service is not 24 hours.  The first ferry is at 7:15am and the last one is before 8pm.  So, what if one have an early morning flight, like before 10am?  What options are available? Continue reading “Macau to Hong Kong International Airport for an Early Morning Flight”