Young OFW is the brain child of not-so young OFWs realizing their other purpose in life.  OFW stands for Overseas Filipino Worker, overseas workers found in almost all corners of the world.  Wherever you are, chances are, you are being served, assisted, greeted, befriended, and inspired by a Filipino.

Working abroad doesn’t always mean work.  We also know how to enjoy life and live life to the fullest!  Being on a foreign country is an opportunity to explore a strange land, experience other cultures, live like a local, and practice other norms.  It is also a good chance to earn money to help achieve our dream of traveling the world

Hi everyone!  We are Carlo and Lorna Madrid and we are the Young OFWs.

My wife and I met in 2009 and both of us had just started working on separate hotels in Macau.  We both came from the Philippines and it was by chance that we met in a foreign country.  We shared the same passion, passion for traveling, the unknown and the unfamiliar.  Traveling is our way to destress and we made it a point to escape our busy working lives at least once or twice a year.

Outdoor is life, we love it!  Hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities are what we look for whenever we go somewhere.  Walking off the beaten path excites us.  Currently, we still cannot afford to quit our day jobs and travel full time, but it is the goal.

Through this website we would like to share our stories and provide some helpful tips for everyone planning to travel.  We hope to hear from all of you guys and we wish for you to join us here while we discover the world.

Let us all travel together, explore places, meet people from other nationalities, get inspired to work abroad, and most of all “LIVE LIFE.”

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