The Truth About Dubai Desert Safari Tour

The Truth About Dubai Desert Safari Tour

If there is one activity that is never absent in any Dubai itinerary it is the Desert Safari Tour.  Dubai is generally a desert, but you are not actually experiencing its desert without joining a Dubai desert safari tour.  The tour is engaging and missing the fun would be a lost opportunity.  But, what exactly can you expect in a desert safari tour?  How cool really is it?


Dubai Desert Safari Tour


Dubai Desert Safari Tour is an activity where you will get to experience the desert in all its beauty.  You may choose to join a morning, afternoon or even an overnight safari tour and each tour offers unique experience that you’ll never forget.

Tours can be booked via different travel agency but generally offers the same itinerary.  It is possible to book a private tour, but for frugal travellers like us, joining a group tour is the way to go.  You will be with other group of tourists which is a great way to meet new friends.  Travel agencies do charge different rates.  Online travel sites like Klook also offers this kind of service.    Be on the lookout for the cheapest one.





This itinerary is for an afternoon Desert Safari Tour.

The tour will start by picking you up not from your hotel but at designated pick-up locations in Dubai.  On our case, we were picked up from LuLu Supermarket, behind Mall of the Emirates.  The coach is usually jam-packed that even its isle is occupied by participants.  At around 3:30pm or once everyone’s in, the journey towards Sharjah will commence.

The highway is enormous and if lucky, traffic would be minimal.  Along the way, impressive Arabic architectures are to be seen that makes the travel amazing.  There is one stop after 30-45 minutes of driving for perhaps a toilet break.  After the break, just under 30 minutes you’ll reach your destination.

After alighting from the coach, you will then be transported to a 4×4 Land Cruiser for the amazing dune bashing experience.  Dune bashing is probably the highlight of Dubai Desert Safari tour.  Upon arrival at the main camp, you may do camel riding or if part of your package, quad biking.

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After finishing all the activities outside, enter the main camp for a BBQ buffet dinner.  While waiting for the food, you can do henna painting or relax at a Shisha smoking facility.  Dinner will be served at around 7pm and while eating, you’ll be entertained by belly dancing performances and others.

After dinner at around 9pm, take the 4×4 back to the main road where your coach is waiting.  You’ll start your journey towards the drop off point in Dubai.


The Truth about Dubai Desert Safari Tour


Let me set it straight, our tour went through without any hiccup.  I couldn’t say it was entirely disorganised but it could certainly be better.  So, we were thinking to share some points to those who are doing this desert safari tour, so you’ll know what to do just in case you’d be like us asking what to do next.

  1. The itinerary will be sent to your e-mail upon booking and it will be laid out all there.  Make sure you know what’s included on your package because nobody will tell you what to do next during the actual tour.
  1. I’ve mentioned that there is a stop over after around 45 minutes but nobody will tell you for how long and what for.  We were thinking it could be the sunset watching or perhaps toilet break.  Whatever the reason, take this time to stretch and enjoy the view.
  1. I did tell you that no organiser will tell you what to do next, right?  So, on your next stop, your clue would be seeing all these 4×4, that’s the last stop.  Take any of these with your friends or with your group and enjoy the dune bashing.



  1. The dune-bashing lasted for 9 minutes, not 15 or 20 minutes as advertised, which was definitely short but very enjoyable.
  1. Upon arrival at the main camp, again, nobody tells you what to do.  You will see a queue for the Camel ride, so line up.  Wait for your turn.
  1. The camels look so tired and you’ll feel guilty for riding it. Though, you wouldn’t miss the chance because it’s on your bucket list.



  1. After more or less 30 minutes of waiting, except if you came first, the camel ride makes one circle and lasted for 5 minutes.
  1. If quad biking is part of your package then proceed to quad biking.



  1. Enter the main camp early, or ask your friend to find and reserve a good table for you while you do camel ride for a better location.
  1. There is a shisha smoking facility, so if you fancy one, wait for your turn.  If you have money to splurge, rent one for your table.
  1. Entertainment will start and all the performances were great and fun to watch.

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  1. Non-alcoholic beverages and water are unlimited according to the booking, but the stocks are limited.  Make sure you get one early on.  Beers are chargeable.
  1. Dinner will be served and it’s a riot.  Well, not exactly but everyone will be queuing.
  1. If you do not like Indian and Middle Eastern food, then get ready to starve because that’s what they’ll serve.
  1. You’ll still be able to enjoy the limited lamb or chicken bbq, though.
  1. Corn bbq is not part of the buffet and if you want one you’ll have to pay.
  1. The buffet is not open the entire evening and once the food is finished, they’ll close it.
  1. The belly dancing performance is the last of the performances and that’s your cue to go.  Again, no representative from the travel agency will tell you it’s time to go.



  1. Outside, you won’t be entirely sure how you will get back but you’ll see a line waiting for the 4×4.  That’s exactly where you queue.
  1. I’ve heard different prices for the Dubai Desert Safari tour.  Ours is just for AED75 per person.  Saved for the private tour, everything will be pretty the same.  Bus is the same, the itinerary is the same, no special queues for other travel agencies and no special treatment.  So, make sure you scour the internet for the cheapest possible rate.
  1. Again, ours is just AED75, so if you find something more expensive than that, then you are not looking enough.  If you score a cheaper tour rate, then book it already!
  1. We went last November when the weather was perfect and comfortable.  On summer it could be unbearable.
  2. The tour lasted for almost 7 hours and it was time well spent.


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The tour may be a disorganised one, but with the price that we paid, it was totally acceptable.  The only letdown was probably the food, but that was because we are not fond of the cuisine.  All in all, it was fun and the time we spent was worth it.  In fact, it was one of the most memorable experiences we had in Dubai and if ever we’ll be back, we will definitely do it again.

If you are going to Dubai, make sure to do this and I’m pretty sure you’ll have a great time!  To find the cheapest Dubai Desert Safari tour, search it at Klook.

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