How to Apply for Japan Visa in Hong Kong and Macau

How to Apply for Japan Visa in Hong Kong and Macau

Tokyo, Sapporo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Nagoya are just some of the most famous cities to travel to and all of them are located in one amazing and beautiful country of Japan.  It is no surprising that Japan is one of the most visited countries in the world because of its unique culture and well-preserved tradition. For Filipinos, acquiring a Japan Visa is a prerequisite in entering the country.  As an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) living in Macau, I need not to go back to the Philippines to apply for one.  It is possible to get it from my current country of residence.


How To Apply for Japan Visa in Hong Kong and Macau?


There are two ways to apply for Japan Tourist Visa for those living in Hong Kong and Macau:

  1.  Apply through Accredited Agencies for Visa Application
  2.  Applying in Person by Appointment

For those of you who are in Macau, applying through accredited agencies is more convenient.  There are many agencies in Macau that handle visa application and can be processed within 10 days.  Though it is more convenient, it is more expensive.  Aside from the visa fee, service charged will be added.

Here are the Accredited Agencies for Japan Visa Application in Macau.

If you opted applying in person, you may also do so by making an appointment and appearing at Japan Visa Application Center in Hong Kong.  Even if there is also a fee for processing through the Center, it is still cheaper.

For those who are living in Hong Kong, either of the option is good for you.  There are lots of accredited agencies and Japan Visa Center is easily accessible by MTR.

You may find the list of Accredited Agencies for Visa Application right here.


Applying in Person by Appointment


For a much faster and more cheaper option, most opted for applying in person, including myself.  There is nothing wrong with going through an agency but applying it in person makes it more fulfilling.  Like the US Visa application, albeit less complicated, it’s part of the adventure.

Before I give you the steps on how to make appointment online here are my specifics:

Nationality:  Filipino

Visa Type:  Multiple Entry*

ID Abroad:  Macau Working Visa

*Multiple entry visa is usually for Filipinos, Indonesians, etc., who have been in Japan, but, can also be applied by first timers provided that they can prove they have financial capabilities.

Additionally, you must be aware of the visa type you are applying for and its corresponding fee.  Currently, (October 2017), here are visa types and fees.

Steps on Booking an Appointment Online:


1.   Register online by visiting this link:

2.   On the Appointment Log-in Page, click New User.

3.   Fill-out the New User Registration Form and Submit.

4.   Activate your account by clicking the link sent on your registered e-mail address.

5.   Click on schedule an appointment.

6.   Select the Center and type of Visa Application.

7.   Add up to 5 applicants.

8.   Book an appointment.

9.   Upon setting the appointment, reference number will be provided.  Click on the appointment letter and print.

10.   Prepare all documents.

Prepare all documents and things to bring.


After making an appointment online, prepare all the requirements and all documents vital in supporting your claim.

1.   Photograph:  recent 2×2, colored with plain background photo is required.

2.   Properly filled-out Visa Application Form to Enter Japan.  You can download the form here,, fill it out electronically and then print.

3.   Printed out confirmation letter.

4.   Original and photocopy of passports and working/residency visa.

5.   Original and photocopy of statement of account and assets.

6.   Certificate of employment and pay slips.

7.   Other documents you think might help your chances.


Visit the Japan Visa Application Center in Hong Kong


On the day of your appointment, dress properly and be punctual.  You must report 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment with all necessary documents.

Address of Japan Visa Application Center:

Unit 03, 16/F, 148 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong.  Nearest to Exit A of Fortress Hill MTR Station.


Collection of Passport with your Japan Tourist Visa


Collection date will be provided upon the submission of documents.  On collection date, submit the receipt together with your Passport and have the visa stamped.

Japan Tourist Visa application is not as complicated as Schengen or US Visa application where one would undergo interview.  If you have enough supporting documents and can prove you are capable of financing your travel, there is no way you’ll get denied.

Start drafting your itinerary now and research on your imminent authentic ramen hunting!

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Carlo has started working in Macau in 2007 and two years after, he met his destined-to-be wife, Lorna and they started exploring the world. Together.


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