How Much Does a One-Week Hanoi-Halong Bay Tour Cost

How Much Does a One-Week Hanoi-Halong Bay Tour Cost

One important thing that every traveler needs to think about is budget.  There are places that are infamously expensive and there are some that wouldn’t hurt your bank account.  Vietnam belongs to the latter.  A good thing about touring Asia is that it is cheap yet gives you an amazing experience.  Beautiful sceneries, sumptuous dishes, and off the beaten path experiences are in abundance in this side of the world.  Going to Hanoi and Halong Bay is a must when in Vietnam and can be done on a little cost.  So, How Much Does a One-Week Hanoi-Halong Bay Tour Cost?  Find out below.

If you haven’t chance upon our previous post about our suggested itinerary for a one-week Hanoi-Halong Tour, read it here first:  DIY One Week Hanoi-Halong Bay Suggested Itinerary. Hanoi is a perfect place for travel enthusiasts and for those passionate about Asian cultures, traditions and history.  It is a perfect place that describes a quintessential Vietnam.  Halong Bay, on the hand is for nature lovers and travelers who prefer solitude and isolation.  A cruise is perfect to see the depth of the beauty of this UNESCO world heritage site and a stay on one of its island is a welcome relief for too much city exposure.

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Air Flight Ticket


Depending on where you are originating, tickets vary from USD140 to USD250.  Certain airlines such us Cathay Pacific, Dragon Air, Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, or HK Express provide promo every now and then, so you better be on the look out.  Trains from neighboring cities are also available as alternatives if you have any other plans. We are flying out of Macau via Air Macau and we’ve got our ticket for as low as USD152 per person.  The flights were booked three months before the departure.

You can use, a third-party search engine to search for the cheapest available flights.  Start searching below.


Coming from other Parts of Vietnam or Southeast Asia by Land


You may find the cheapest offer for land and air travel whether you are coming from Ho Chi Minh or any parts of Southeast Asia through 12Go Asia.  They have an extensive choices of transport to give the best offer out there.  It is a hassle-free and reliable booking.  Start searching now below:


Powered by 12Go Asia system




Since you are going for a tour of Halong Bay, it is just practical to book a hotel room at the Old Quarter area.  Those who are joining a Halong Bay tour are to be picked up only from this area.  There are quite a number of hotels, hostels, backpacker hotels, and Airbnb around the area that are mainly cheap.  Hotel rate starts from as low as USD35 per night.  Add a couple of bucks and you can already stay at a very decent private room. You can use the link below to start searching for your hotels!


Getting Around Hanoi


Scooters are what you’ll see in Hanoi and they are everywhere.  You can try renting scooter from your hotel and make sure they provide you with maps for you not to get lost.  Taxis are also available but you have to be wary about scammers.  Ask your hotel concierge to call a taxi for you always.  Biking is another great way to explore Hanoi and renting one can be enjoyable. The airport is quite far from Old Quarter but buses and taxis are available as soon as you land.  In our case, since we arrived quite late, we just rendered a pick up service from our hotel for USD18 one way. READ:  One Afternoon with a Vietnamese Family




Oh comes my favorite part, Vietnam dishes.  Eat at a restaurant if you like to, but you better try their street foods.  At Old Quarter, lots of stalls are available and they offer authentic Vietnamese dish at a reasonable price.  Other than Thai dish, Vietnamese cuisine is my favorite Asian cuisine. Indulge in food if you may!


Tourist Attractions


Many tourist attractions in Hanoi are free and some are with very cheap entrance fee.  Places you shouldn’t miss when in Hanoi are: Hoa Lo Prison:  VND30,000 or USD1.5 Water Puppet Show:  USD5 Hoan Kiem Lake:  Free Old Quarter:  Free Imperial Citadel of Thang Long:  VND30,000 Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum:  VND10,000 or USD0.5


Halong Bay Tour


The tour in Halong is the most expensive part of the tour but I can tell you that it is the most enjoyable.  Hanoi is beautiful, that is true and can stand on its own, but Halong Bay is the ultimate destination when in here.  There are many tours to choose from, you can go on a day tour that involves some activities in between, or a one-night and one-day tour where you’ll sleep on the boat.  You can opt to join a two-day, two-night tour staying on the boat or what we chose, two-day, one-night on the boat and one-night on Cat Ba island. The price vary depending on your chosen tour and your chosen cruise company.  For our tour, a one night stay on the boat and one night on the island has cost us USD320.  The amount is inclusive of pick-up and drop-off from our accommodation at Old Quarter, all meals, and tour activities.  The price doesn’t cover drinks, though.  Every one of us deserves this vacation and the place is perfect to de-stress.  It is perfect to stay away from crowd and the city and get in touch with nature.

We have narrated our memorable Halong Bay experience in two blog posts and you may read them here and here.  

There are many tour companies to choose from whether online or in person.  Even hotels have this kind of service.  If you are booking online, read the reviews and if in person ask the experts to get back your money’s worth.


For us, we used Agoda and we thought we found the best and the cheapest offer out there.  You may start searching using the link below:




The Expenses


One-Week Hanoi-Halong Bay Travel Expenses


Cost Per Person

Total Amount


Air Flight (Macau-Hanoi-Macau)



Car Service (To and From the Airport)


USD18 per trip
Public Transportation


We only took taxis 2 times and we walk most of the time*
*We got scammed by a taxi one time of these two times.  Here is the story:  That Time When We Got Scammed in Hanoi 🙂
Hanoi Only


4 days including some street foods and local delicacies
*we lost track on this one, so more or less
Hotel in Hanoi


3 nights
Tourist Attraction
Hoa Lo Prison and Water Puppet Showe



We took advantage of free attractions
Other Expenses




Halong Bay Cruise
One Night on the Boat and one Night on Cat Ba Island


Three Days on the Cruise


*We brought bottled waters and snacks bought in Hanoi
Total Amount


The Total Amount is for two people.

Needless to say that this is only a guide, and your expenses will still depend on the hotels, flight, or even food of your choosing.  We consider ourselves as budget travelers and we only buy and pay for services that we really need.  What is important is that you get your money’s worth because you worked hard for it and to be able to do that you have to enjoy.  Personalize your itinerary that best suits you and your interests.  Appreciate every moment and have a great time.

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