Why Bangkok Is The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Why Bangkok Is The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Having a 9-5 work time can be exhausting sometimes.  Oftentimes, you just want to get out of the city you work in and be somewhere else.  You just want to give in to your ever insatiable wanderlust.  A quick weekend getaway is sometimes what we all need to release all the stress brought by our jobs and other things.  A weekend getaway is proven to help us get ready for another week of papers, clients, memos, guests, and ledgers.  But where is the best place for a weekend getaway?  There are many cities that are perfect for this, but, one city stood out, Bangkok.  Bangkok Weekend Getaway.


Bangkok Weekend Getaway


Before reading any further, note that this article may only be applicable for people living in Southeast Asia or any other parts of Asia.  If you need to travel for more than 6 hours to get there, then, clearly Bangkok is not a weekend getaway.  A longer vacation is what you need.  

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.  Yes, it is so popular that you may ask, why go here then?  The answer is pretty simple, everything you are thinking for a perfect weekend travel is all here.  Whether your idea of a perfect weekend is a relaxing massage while staying on a hotel, a drink-all-you-can nightlife, a food trip, or historic tour weekend, it can all be done here.

Why is it then a perfect weekend getaway?


Cheap Flights and Hotels


A return ticket to Bangkok will surely not hurt your pocket because you can get a two-way ticket for as low as USD120.  In fact, it is much expensive to go to cities like Seoul, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore or Beijing.  Hotels are also reasonably cheap.  Even if you are not backpacking, a stay in a hotel is still very much affordable.

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Effective Train System


Okay, everyone knows that Bangkok has one of the most horrendous traffics in all Asia.  Stay away from taxis or renting a car and take advantage of its BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System).  Almost all the places you wanted to see are reachable by train.  Learn the map and have a traffic-free weekend.

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Food, Food, Food


Did I say food already?  I might not have said it enough, but, Thai cuisine is heaven.  Not only that you’ll get the most authentic Thai dishes in Bangkok, they are also cheap.  You wouldn’t mind gaining a weight with all the food intake this weekend because it’s worth it.  When I say food, it also includes street food, chips, and local delicacies.


Chao Phraya River Cruise


One of my most favorite things to do in Bangkok is to have a cruise on the famous Chao Phraya River.  A cruise while having a buffet dinner of authentic Thai cuisine and a view of famous temples along the river is what I call a perfect weekend.




Bangkok is known as the shopping capital in Asia.  Businessmen or small shop entrepreneurs come to Thailand for its cheap wholesale products.  Chatuchak Weekend Market is perfect for all shoppers, the weekend is entirely devoted for all your shopping needs.


Massage and Spa


When we talk about massage, what first comes into your mind?  Okay, not Thai massage, but, it’s right up there too, right?  Massage has become synonymous to Bangkok or Thailand and is very popular all over the world.  A weekend of relaxation is perfect with a tender, rough, and satisfying Thai massage complemented with Spa treatment.  Is there any other weekend activity that is better than that?


Tourist Attractions


There are months that the city is scorching hot, but, if you get passed the temperature, you’ll love what Bangkok has to offer.  Temples like, What Arun, Grand Palace, and Wat Pho are worth visiting.  Floating Market should also be experienced at least once.  Shopping centers are tourist attractions by themselves and among many others.  Your weekend itinerary can be filled up with interesting place in an instant.

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The list wouldn’t be completed without mentioning Bangkok’s lively nightlife.  Europe has Amsterdam, USA has Vegas, and Asia has Bangkok as the nightlife capital.  Seriously, a party/nightlife in Bangkok is incomparable.  Everyone wants to be hungover in here and have fun.  Lots of fun.  A weekend night when you’ll forget your daily routine is never have been real anywhere but Bangkok.



Going here on a weekend doesn’t require intense planning.  Itinerary can be done in a heartbeat and moving around the city has never been this easy.  This weekend getaway is what you need to destress and you’ll surely get it.

If you are having some serious bout of wanderlust and wanted to escape temporarily from your constant life, then, what are you waiting for?  Book that flight and have an enjoyable weekend!

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