Hong Kong In-Town Airport Express Check-In

Hong Kong In-Town Airport Express Check-In

Almost all hotels in Hong Kong and Macau have standard check-in and check-out time which sometimes do not match with your arrival or departure plans.  In Hong Kong, if your departure flight happens to be at midnight and you have lots of luggage and leaving them at the hotel is inconvenient, you are lucky to have another option available for you:  Hong Kong In-town Airport Express Check-In.

Before we proceed, if you do not belong to this category and would be departing from Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) from Macau, check our post about it here:  Direct Ferry Route from Macau to HKIA

You may continue reading if you happen to be in one of the following situations.

  1. You are leaving Macau early in the morning and your departure flight is from HKIA and do not want to take the direct ferry to Sky Pier.
  2. Your airline is not part of the participating list for direct ferry route from Macau to HKIA.
  3. You are staying in Hong Kong and your flight is not until evening and you have lots of luggage and wanted to explore more.
  4. You want to check-in early and get your boarding pass without being at the airport.

In-town Check-in Services


You’ll love Hong Kong not only because of its magnificent skyscrapers or impressive tourist attractions but also because Hong Kong makes it all easy for you.  Getting around Hong Kong is pretty easy due to its efficient transport system.  Getting to one tourist spot to another is far from complicated and the same can be said to your journey to HKIA.  Everything should be smooth sailing from the time of your arrival in this metropolitan city to your departure.

If you found your travel in one of the aforementioned situations, the best way to go is to use the In-town check-in services.  In-town check-in service lets you check-in to your departure flight without you going to HKIA.  Also without you carrying all your luggage from the time you check-out from the hotel to your day tour up until your arrival at HKIA.  The In-town check-in service is available all day for almost all major airlines.

It is pretty straightforward, proceed to either Hong Kong MTR or Kowloon MTR station, check-in your luggage, collect your boarding pass and then explore Hong Kong.  When it’s time for your departure take the Airport MTR express and less than 25 minutes you’ll be at the doorstep of HKIA.

Check out these FAQs to help you understand the service better.

1.    Where is this in-town check-in located?

There are two In-town check-in counters available.  One is at Hong Kong MTR station and the other one is at Kowloon MTR Station.

2.    What are the participating airlines for this service?

A total of 68 airlines are participating on this in-town check-in service.  Visit this link for the list.

3.    How long before the flight departure can one check-in?

Depending on the airlines, it is usually 90 minutes to a full day before the flight.  Refer to above link for respective airlines’ check-in requirements.  

4.    How much doest it cost to use this service?

The check-in service itself is free, but, to enter the check-in area you must have an octopus card or an Airport Express MTR ticket which is HKD100.  

5.    Will I be able to use the train ticket I used when I enter the check-in area during check-in?

Yes.  Use the train ticket to enter the area and to exit.  Use the same ticket for your train to HKIA when you are done touring.

6.    How to get to either Hong Kong or Kowloon MTR station?

If you are coming from Macau, take the ferry to Sheung Wan and from Shun Tak Plaza, follow the signs to MTR Hong Kong Station.  Coming from any other parts of Hong Kong, take MTR and alight at either HK or Kowloon Station.  

7.    Are there any complimentary shuttles to In-town check-in counters?

Some hotels do provide complementary service to and from the hotels to MTR stations.  Here is the link for hotels offering Complimentary Airport Express Shuttle Bus.

8.    How long is the airport express train service?

It’s 24 minutes from Hong Kong to HKIA and 22 minutes from Kowloon. 

9.     How often are the trains?

Click this link for the timetable.



Now that you know that it is possible leave Hong Kong on a midnight flight and not worry about your luggage you can be assured of a great time on your vacation.  It is advisable to do research and know the ins and outs of a place you plan to visit.  As some people say, let us all be travelers and not just mere tourists.

If you got any questions, feel free to put in the comment section!

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