Hiking Lantau Peak:  Second Highest Mountain In Hong Kong

Hiking Lantau Peak: Second Highest Mountain In Hong Kong

Hiking Lantau Peak was initially planned as a back to back with our Sunset Peak hike without us knowing the difficulty of the trails.  We underestimated Sunset Peak and we thought it was easy peasy but it turned out to be a very challenging one.  Lantau Peak is the second highest peak in Hong Kong and is one of the most popular hikes.  It is famous for its impressive vistas and incredible sunrise or sunset view.  The hike is the Section 3 of Lantau Trail traversing Pak Kung Au to Ngong Ping.


Hiking Lantau Peak


Lantau Peak or Fung Wong Shan hike is shorter compares to Sunset Peak hike but it is as strenuous.  Like Sunset Peak, it is not suitable as an introduction to your hiking adventure because of its high terrain and not so easy switchbacks.  If you are new to Hong Kong hiking, read here the Introduction to Hong Kong Hike.  And if you haven’t read our Sunset Peak hiking experience, make sure to read it:  Sunset Peak Hike

Before hiking, make sure to know these specifics to better acquaint yourself of what you are getting into:

Length:  4.5 kilometers

Height:  934 meters or 3,064 ft

Hiking Time:  3.5 to 4 hours including breaks

Difficulty:  Difficult

Starting Point:  Pak Kung Au

Finishing Point:  Ngong Ping

Distance Post:  L018 to L027

Trail:  Section 3 of Lantau Trail Pak Kung Au to Ngong Ping

Here’s the topographical map for your reference:

Just like the usual, make sure you hydrate yourself always, bring some snacks and the basic things for hiking.  Invest on a good hiking shoes for more comfort and better traction.  Take a rest every hour to recharge and to enjoy the view you would never see from below.


How to Get to Pak Kung Au?


The easiest is to take an MTR to Tung Chung and take bus route 3M, 11, 23 to Pak Kung Au.  If you are like us wanting to try alternatives, take a ferry from Central ferry station to Mui Wo and take bus route 3 or 3M to Pak Kung Au.  Treat the ferry ride as the start of your adventure.  It is almost a 45-minute cruising to start off your day.


Lantau Peak Hike


Just right across the street from the finishing point of Section 2 Lantau Trail, the Sunset Peak hike, is the starting point of this trail.  Start by climbing some stone steps and some narrow pathways that gives you an initial gain in elevation.  The ascent presents an amazing view of neighboring mountains .  Passing one distance post is a much steeper climb of stone steps until it becomes gentler and you see one huge rock on a mountain slope.  It is impossible to miss this rock and from here you get an amazing view of the village below and the wilderness across.  It’s time for some picture taking.

Talking about walking off the beaten path is never as vivid as traversing this trail in Hong Kong for you get a feeling of isolation.  The views are not always the same and you get surprises from different angles.  This early of the trail, you’ll feel rewarded.

Continuing the ascent about 2.5 kilometers and right before distance post 23 is the summit of Lantau Peak.  There is a small shelter that can accommodate up to three or four people to temporarily escape the sun.  Soak in the view and take countless of pictures.


The Descent from Lantau Peak


Starting the descent, but still high in elevation is the hardest part of the trail.  Extra precaution is recommended because the stone steps are not easy to the knees and the switchbacks are complicated.  The ladder or the stone steps have some railings to help you balance.  Mind the steps and take it slow because the view in front of you is worth soaking in.  Continue climbing down.

A dramatic vista of a setting sun and the ocean is what will be presented to you on the final leg of this trail.  It is in fact my most favorite part.  The big buddha in Ngong Ping will begin to peek telling you that you are almost at the finishing point.  Continue going down on dusty and quite slippery trails surrounded by large bushes and trees.  You’ll thank the people who made these trail steps and made our hike, hiking lives, easier.

The finishing point is at one of my most favorite spots in Hong Kong, the Wisdom Path.  Continue walking to Ngong Ping Village and join the throng of tourists admiring the big buddha, the monastery, and you may choose to take the cable car on your way back to Tung Chung.  Be mindful of the time if you are to take the public bus.  The last bus usually departs around 7 pm for Tung Chung.

This hike is definitely one for the books.  It is much shorter than Sunset Peak, but, the views are equally impressive.  Take this hike during colder months because taking those stone steps is no joke.  Like what I always say and it’s always true, it is tiring but definitely worth it.



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