Sunset Peak Hike

Sunset Peak Hike

After we’ve completed and conquered the Dragon’s Back mountain hike, our first ever Hong Kong hike, we felt the urge of doing more challenging hikes.  The feeling was incredible especially upon reaching the top.  It was physically exhausting but it was definitely rewarding.  Finishing the Dragon’s Back hike was like a warm up for more strenuous hikes and has prepared us for our next adventure.  After that, we knew that we were ready for our next hiking destination, the Sunset Peak Hike.


Sunset Peak Hike in Hong Kong


Sunset Peak hike is the Section 2 of the long Lantau Trail traversing Nam Shan to Pak Kung Au.  The trail is quite long and the switchbacks are definitely not easy making it not suitable for beginners.  For beginners, try a different trail, like Dragon’s back, as warm up in preparation for this.  Or you may also read this; Introduction to Hong Kong Hike to choose which trail to hike first.

Before doing the hike, here are some specifics that you need to know:

Length:  6.5 kilometers

Distance Post:  L005 to L018 

Hiking Time:  4 to 5 hours including breaks

Difficulty:  Difficult

Starting Point:  Nam Shan

Finishing Point:  Pak Kung Au

It is a long hike so make sure you bring enough water and food with you.  Hiking pole is not really necessary, but, having those can help your knees immensely.  Bring all you would bring on a day hike, like first aid kit, flashlight, whistle, and the likes.  Hiking shoes prove to be more comfortable, but tennis shoes will do.

Here’s the topographical map of this part of the Lantau Trail:


How to Get to the starting point?


From anywhere in Hong Kong, take an MTR (Tung Chung/Orange Line) to Tung Chung and proceed to Tung Chung bus terminal.  The bus terminal is just beside the Cable Car ticket office/departure platforms.  Take bus route #3M to Nam Shan Camping Site.  Get off the bus and walk straight (do not cross the street) until you see the Lantau Archway.  From there, follow the trail.


Sunset Peak Hike


You start the trail by taking a couple of stone steps which is not easy on the knees.  On this early part of the trail, you’ll find yourself catching your breath until you reach the helipad.  Continue the ascent on some stone steps and some paved but dusty roads.  Not long after, you are on a higher elevation giving you a magnificent view of Lantau island.  There are another set of narrow stone steps until you finally reach the first viewing point of the trail.  Take a break, catch your breath and hydrate.

These views are what you’ll be treated with:


After 3 kilometers of continuous hiking, the scenery will change to some grass but paved trails.  From here, you’ll see the top of Sunset Peak, Lantau Peak, and a 360° of incredible views.  The views from the top is truly incomparable.

After reaching the distance post L015, about 4.5 kilometers in, is the Sunset Peak.  Though we didn’t wait for the sun to set, where the peak was named after, we were satisfied with what we saw.  We were all tired but it was nothing because of the magnificent vistas around us and literally below us.  The wind was gushing hard and the sweat refused to came out.

From here, you are literally on the top of the third highest mountain in Hong Kong and the second highest mountain is staring right in front of you.  Next goal?  You bet.

On the last stage of the ascent, you’ll see a couple of abandoned houses, more like storehouses, that are good for taking breaks.  You’ll wonder how nice to stay the night on one of those houses with a little to no light.  Star gazing should be amazing.

You’ll now start the descent, and like how you came up you’ll descend on a couple of stone steps.  With these stone steps, you’ll thank yourself if you have the hiking pole.  The hike up was tiring and the hike down can be as hard.

Enjoy the views while hiking down because it is still lovely.

After 5 hours of intense hiking you’ll reach the end of the trail at Pak Kung Au.  From here take bus routes 3M, 11, or 23 to Tung Chung.

The hike was incredible and definitely one of my favorites.  It was hard to say that I’ll hike it again because I know how hard it was, but, thinking about the views and the rewarding feeling when you’re at the top seems to be a no brainer.  Yes, it is worth hiking back again.

If you still got energy after hiking this, continue with Lantau Peak Hike.  



Where did you last hike?  Please do share on the comments.  Would love to hear from you, guys!  If you like it, Pin it!

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