Top Ten Must Do Things in Los Angeles

Top Ten Must Do Things in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the home of the biggest stars in the world.  All aspiring actors go to LA to try their luck and penetrate the world of showbiz.  But, not everyone who’s going to LA is wanting to be famous, some just wanted to see the beauty that is Los Angeles.


Top Ten Must Do Things in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles is one of the most diverse places in America.  It is also the home of the most famous attractions that we always see on tv or movies.  Everyone dreams on going to LA, and for those who are given the chance to go, make sure that their visit is worth while.  It is a very big city and exploring it takes time.  Even those who are living in LA all their lives cannot say that they have explored every corner of it.  It is simply just too big and the excitement is unending.

So, without further ado, here’s the top 10 must do things in Los Angeles.


1.       Experience movie outdoor screening and have a picnic


Los Angeles is the city of stars and the haven for movie buffs.  Some of the greatest movies and tv shows are shoot in LA and people from all over the world come to LA to take a peek on this life of glitz and glamour.  During late spring until early fall, locals and visitors alike come together to experience watching movie outside.  Movie outdoor screening has been a tradition for families and friends to bond while enjoying the best movies ever made.  Parks, cemeteries and rooftops are where these screenings usually happen.


2.       Spend a day at Los Angeles Downtown


Downtown Los Angeles is the central business district of LA and is home to some of the most renowned museums in the world.  DTLA used to be ignored by locals and tourists, but, after some new developments and major overhauled, people has starting to come.  Spend a day on a walking tour and see the City Hall, Walt Disney Hall, The Broad Museum, and many more.


3.       Try local foods at Grand Central Market


To finish your tour of Downtown LA, head to this hundred-year old market and try all local foods.  Grand Central Market offers different kind of scrumptious food and is considered the food haven like no other place in LA.  It may be crowded sometimes, but, the queueing and waiting are definitely worth it.  Who wouldn’t be curious to what this “Egg slut” restaurant offers?


4.       Overlook Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory


It’s a common knowledge that LA is one sprawling city, so vast that three days exploring the place won’t suffice.  To see the vastness of the city, hike up (or drive) to Griffith Observatory.  Griffith Observatory has been made popular by the movie Rebel without A Cause starring the late James Dean, and recently (for millennials),  is prominently featured on La La Land.  Hiking up here can give you an amazing view not only of downtown, but also, of the Hollywood sign.  The best time to go here?  Just before the sunset and it gives a picturesque view of LA.  Simply amazing.


5.       Have a relaxing afternoon at Santa Monica Pier


Santa Monica Pier is the recommended first stop on any Los Angeles tour for its beauty.  It helps set the mood because of the refreshing view of palm trees, the coast, and the weather.  If you have a day to spare, try biking from Santa Monica beach to Venice beach to enjoy the coast and to watch some performances of locals showing their unique talents.  It is also a good place for people watching.


6.       Walk along Hollywood Walk of Fame and watch a movie at TCL Chinese Theater


Do not be discouraged by negative reviews you read on forums about Hollywood Walk of Fame, because it is absolutely a must when in Los Angeles.  It is not only about the stars and some fingerprints of your favorite Hollywood stars, but, strolling the place can give you a sense of being in America.  Buildings, restaurants, and of course, the walk of fame are uniquely American.  For serious movie fans out there, watching a movie at TCL Chinese theater where almost all blockbuster movies premiered, is a tick on your bucket list.


7.       Have a bite at In and Out burger


This burger joint is the talk of the town, so it is almost impossible for any tourist to ignore it.  The double burger with cheese and freshly fried fries are to die for.  You can see them prepare the burger for you and you can request for any special arrangements.  Forget about your diet for a while and head to the nearest In and Out burger.


8.       Enjoy the rides and discover movie making secrets at Universal Studios Hollywood


Some would say that Universal Studios is like any other theme parks around the world, that is true, but, it is the best theme park out there.  Well, at least for me and many people.  The rides like the Transformers and the Mummy are epic and legendary.  Harry Potter ride is nostalgic.  Waterworld show is world-class.  And my most favorite?  The Studio Tour.  For this tour alone, the ticket is already worth it.  Discover the secret of movie making and be amazed of the hard work the people behind the scene put to give us masterpieces.


9.       Shop ‘til you drop at Citadel


I am no shopaholic, but I’ve enjoyed shopping here.  Those who love shopping will definitely fall in love with this place.  Signature brands are all on sale.  If you love bags, Coach, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade are ready to give you what you need.  Other brands include, Gap, CK, Nike, Tumi, and many more.


10.     Prove that it’s possible to explore LA without a car by experiencing the METRO


You’ll always hear that touring LA is not possible without a car, well, it is becoming a myth.  Over the years, the city government has continuously working to improve the transportation system to be more tourists friendly.  Places like Hollywood Walk of Fame, Staples Center, DTLA, Universal Studios and Santa Monica are easily reachable by METRO.  Taking the metro will allow you to experience what some of the locals do on their everyday life.  It is also economical and can prevent you from being stuck in traffic, which I heard is horrendous.

There you have it folks, the Top Ten Must Do Things in Los Angeles.  Do you have any other ideas in mind?  Any activities worth doing?  Share in the comments.

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