Three-Day San Francisco Tour Itinerary

Three-Day San Francisco Tour Itinerary

If it is your first time in California, San Francisco is one of the two cities you would first think to explore, Los Angeles being the other one.  For some people, like me who’ve never been in California,  we would think that San Francisco is the exact opposite of Los Angeles.  Los Angeles is one sprawling city, while San Francisco is compact and very accessible.  Los Angeles is loud while San Francisco is more serene.  These two cities sure have differences, but, both have diverse cultures that everyone would fall in love with.


Three-Day San Francisco Itinerary


Seeing the second longest suspension bridge and the most famous bridge in the world, Golden Gate bridge, is always on one’s bucket list.  We were just glad to finally be able to crossed it out our own list.

We went to San Francisco after our short, but, memorable Yosemite vacation and we only have three days to spend in the city I remember from my childhood because of Robin Williams.  Since we went here via public transportation, our point of entry was via their BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system.  From there we started our journey of the beautiful city of San Francisco.

Like my Los Angeles and Yosemite adventures, this sample itinerary was done as a guide to maximize our stay of the city.  Our San Francisco adventure would be told on the succeeding posts.  For now, I would like to share with you our “Three-day San Francisco Tour Itinerary.”


Day 1:


Union Square

China Town

Alamo Square (Park and Painted Ladies)

Polk Street (San Francisco Nightlife)


Day 2:


Fisherman’s Wharf

Golden Gate Bridge (Bike or Walk)

Palace of Fine Arts

Crissy Fields


Pier 39

Ferry Building

Cable Car

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Cable Car (Powell/Hyde Line)


Lombard Street

This is only the abridged version of the itinerary that we made and feel free to swap places and days to better suit your own schedule and preferences.  The next post is the unabridged itinerary that we made including the hotel where we checked in.  Here it is:  Unabridged San Francisco Itinerary

Enjoy San Francisco, as I’m sure you will.

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