Most Frequently Asked Questions During US Visa Interview

Most Frequently Asked Questions During US Visa Interview

I have just been recently granted a 10-year Multiple Entry US Visa along with my wife after deciding it’s about time to explore the West.  For us who always wanted to visit the states, it is a dream come true.  Applying for US visa is not something you spontaneously decided.  You assess yourself whether you have a high chance of getting approved.  You prepare necessary documents, bank statements, travel history and of course, you save for the US visa fee.  After careful assessment and completion of all necessary documents, you think about the interview.  For most, the visa interview is the most dreaded, it may be short, but, sure it is unpredictable.  Today, we list down the Most Frequently Asked Questions during US Visa Interview.

I have been talking to my friends who are granted visa about questions asked during the interview.  The questions vary depending on the Visa Officer but, basic questions remain the same.  The interview can last for 5 to 10 or 15 minutes depending on your status.

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Before the interview, you have to make sure that you have all necessary documents to support your claim.  They do ask questions already asked on DS-160 form, so, you must answer truthfully.  Bear in mind that the decision of the Visa Officer to grant you visa is not solely based on the interview, it is still based on current status whether financial or personal.  In fact, some would argue that even before the interview, your visa grant is already decided based on your DS-160.  With that being said, it would still not hurt to prepare for the interview.


Most Frequently Asked Questions during US Visa Interview


To help you, here are some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions during US Visa Interview.  Note that these are the questions asked for B1-B2 Visa Interview.

1.   Why would you like to visit the United States of America?

2.    When do you plan to visit?

*  Whether you have fixed or tentative plan, it should be the same with your answer on DS-160.

3.     How long are you planning to stay?

4.     Which state will you visit?

5.     Do you have relatives in the US?

6.     Are you Married?  Have children?

*  Marriage certificate and birth certificate of your children might be asked to show.

7.     What is the purpose of your visit?

8.     Is this your first time to travel abroad?

*  They said that it helps if you have travelled on some other countries before applying for US Visa.  

9.     What are the countries you have been to?

10.    Are you currently employed?

*  Be prepared to show them your Certificate of Employment, working visa, or the likes.

11.    Who is going to support your trip?

*  Bank statements of statement of account should come in handy.  I have a friend who is an OFW who wasn’t able to get bank statement, so, he showed his remittances slip, instead.

12.    How long have you been working in your current job?

*  This and others will determine ties with your current state of residence.  

13.    What exactly do you do?

14.    Do you love your job?

15.    Do you have any business?

16.    What kind of business do you manage?

17.    How much do you earn?

*  Tax identification number, business permit and the likes should be available if asked.

18.    Have you made hotel or any accommodations arrangement already?

19.    How much do you think you will spend on your vacation?

20.    Is this your first time to apply for US visa?

*  If you were denied before, tell them, it wouldn’t hurt your chances.

After the interview, the result will be known immediately.  If one is unsuccessful, specific reasons for failure to grant visa will not be disclosed.  You can reapply again, but, make sure that something on your current status has changed.  It is not advisable that after a week you reapply hoping that another Visa officer gets to interview you.  If you passed, then, congratulations and start planning for your great adventure.

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