Street Food in Macau

Street Food in Macau

The old street of Macau is like one open and enormous museum of historical artifacts and establishments.  At least 20 places included in Unesco Macau Heritage Site list are within the same vicinity, that a lot of walking is required.  Traveling not only in Macau can be tiresome, but, the historical richness of the place is all worth it.  Each new place adds information to our brain but each walk can make us feel hungry.  That is why, discovering the street food of one given place is a must.  In Macau, famish is not a word you will associate your self because street food is everywhere.  Macau street food is clean, tasty, uniquely local, and very affordable.

Macau offers snacks that can be now be found anywhere, but, authentically originated from Macau.  The influence of Portuguese and Chinese has created some tasty snacks that will surely satisfy your cravings and can make you keep coming back.

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What street food you should try when in Macau?


1.  Waffle or Hua Fu Bing

This is very similar to waffle that you can get in your place, only it is cooked Macanese-styled.  Different flavor and different carving pot are available on your own choosing.  MOP10 is all you need to try this “not-so-sweet-just-perfect” Macau waffle.

2.   Pork Bun or Chu Bao Bao

This is definitely a must-try when coming to Macau.  The pork is fried on a medium heat that resulted to a tender filling on bread.  Tai Lei Loi Kei is the famous bakery that serves the most authentic Pork Bun available in the city.  Depending on the store, Chu Bao Bao ranges from MOP30 to MOP50.  It is a one heavy snack.

3.   Egg Tart

We can’t talk about street food and Macau without mentioning the famous Portuguese egg tart.  This baked egg custard cake is also a famous dessert and is very popular not only among locals but for tourists as well.  Lord Stow’s bakery is the original maker of Macau’s egg tart and shops can be found in Taipa Village, Coloane Village, and Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes.  Cafe Margaret near Senado Square is another one and is comparable to Lord Stow’s.  One piece is MOP10.

4.   Meat Balls or Ta Bing Lo

Vegetable, meat/seafood balls, mushrooms and noodles are cooked in a boiling water with Chinese spices for about 5 to 10 minutes.  The cooked balls are now transferred to a cup and is perfect with curry and spicy sauce.  This a very heavy snacks and can pass as a dinner if you order on a large bowl.  This is perfect when you are sharing it with friends and family.


What else is there in Macau?


You wouldn’t be eating snacks without any beverage around.  Macau not only offers snack food but also some refreshments to quench your thirst.  Milk-tea is the most famous go-to beverage.  With pearls or gelatin, a cold milk-tea will prove to be refreshing, thus, making you ready for another walk of the famous street.  Aside from Milk-tea, fresh fruit, either shake or blended is also in contention as a leading choice.


Along the street of Macau, local delicacies are waiting for you.  Jerkeys, cookies, and peanuts products are what you can bring home.  On the way to the Ruins of St. Paul’s from Senado Square is an alley of local delicacies shops that will sure delight your taste buds.  Oh, and you can free taste all you want.

This picture below shows a number of tourists on a lazy weekday afternoon strolling the alley of the Ruins of St. Paul’s.  That many, huh?  Wait when it’s Chinese and holiday and weekend! 😉

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