OEC is Now Free: Online Application

The previous administration of the Philippines has made acquiring Overseas Employment Certificate easy by introducing OEC Online Application.  This has provided OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers), like me, easy accessed to OEC requirements that exempt us from paying terminal fee and travel tax.  The current administration has taken it to a new level by making it free.  Yes, OEC has, since September, been free.

There are two prerequisite for this exemption.  First, you must be registered online and second, you must be coming back to the same employer after your vacation to the Philippines.  To acquire for OEC exemption is very simple, you wouldn’t have to spend 10 minutes of your time to do it.

If you are not yet registered online, you must, of course, register first.  Click this link for OEC online registration:  OEC Online Application.  Otherwise, continue with the following steps:

Note:  If it is your first time to do Online Application, then appointment must be set at the nearest Philippine consulate/embassy on your place.

1.  Visit the POEA website via:

2.  Log-in with your user account information.  If not yet registered, click the aforementioned link.


3.  On the homepage, click “Acquire OEC Exemption” located on the right hand side of the page.

4.  Enter the flight information.  You must have a confirmed flight before doing the exemption.

5.  Answer whether you are coming back to the same employer.  If not, then, you are not exempted and must pay.

6.  Confirm that the information you provided is true and correct.

7.  Your OEC exemption number is displayed after acquiring exemption.  

8.  To check it, you can click “My transactions” tab on the left hand side of the page.

That’s it!  Didn’t I tell you it was easy?  There is no need for us, OFWs, to queue at the POEA counter at the airport.  We can all go straight to the airline counter to check-in and upon passing the immigration, the refund of terminal fee is awaiting.

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation to our beloved country!



  1. Djhoana

    I filled up application form but somehow whenever I click SAVE everything is deleting. I tried few times. And I couldnt go to application that shown here. More complicated to my part. Can I still go to the office to file like the old system do instead of doing it online? Thank you!

    1. Post

      Are you currently in Macau? Which hotel are you trying to access? Well technically, it depends on the hotel. Some accept walk-in while some prefer online application. Thank you.

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  3. Anonymous

    I will be going home to philippines this december.i would like to acquire for exemption within this month.is it possible?

    1. Post
      1. Anonymous

        Nag try napo ako ngayon mag file fir exemption.hindi ko po tinuloy kasi nakalagay sa reminders.departure must be within 60days from the issuance of oec.kung ipagpapatuloy ko po yun automatic po na ma issuehan ako ng oec?sa december pa po alis ko.

        1. Post

          Today is Oct 2, OEC will be valid until Dec 2. When in December you are leaving? Yes, it should be within 60 days. You can do it later if the days are not enough.

          1. Anonymous

            Sir last deployment date.kung kailan po ako bumyahe papunta abroad?at ang last arrival date.kung kailan po ako magbabakasyon sa pinas?

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