How to Apply for US Visa in Hong Kong and Macau

How to Apply for US Visa in Hong Kong and Macau

4.  Set an Appointment


Go back to your account using your log-in information.


On this page, click on “Continue”


Enter the receipt number on the blank, the receipt number is to be found on your 7-11 receipt.  If you pay before 5pm today, you may be able to enter the receipt number the same day after 11pm.  If the payment is made after 5pm it can be entered the following day after 11pm.



After confirming the receipt, you are now to schedule your appointment.  Choose the date and time for your interview.


Upon confirmation, send a copy of the confirmation page on your e-mail and print one to bring at the interview day.


5.  Proceed personally at US Consulate General in Hong Kong for interview.


Here is the Link on how to go to the Consulate General in Hong Kong:

Make sure that you arrive on time and ready.  The time of your appointment is not the time of the interview but it’s the time when you are allowed to enter the consulate.  Cellphones, laptops, and any mobile devices cannot be admitted inside.  Locker rooms are provided, though.  Make sure that you do not bring any items prohibited stated on the confirmation page sent on your e-mail.

Do not forget to bring the following:

*DS-160 form

*MRV Fee Payment receipt

*Confirmation of Appointment Page


*Macau/HK Resident or Working ID

*Necessary Supporting documents (Certificate of Employment, Financial/bank statement, Marriage certificate, Birth certificate of Children and any other to support your intent.)

Fingerprinting will be done inside before the interview.  The interview usually lasts 10 to 15 minutes depending on the interviewer.  After the interview, the result of your application will immediately be known.  If you successfully passed the interview, passports will be left at the consulate and will be sent to the pick-up point of your choosing.  If you are working in Macau and is need of your passport, you must inform them.  You will be given a yellow form, which you will then submit with your passport on the visa pick-up day.  It usually last 4-5 days.

I am no expert when it comes to Visa application, but, if I am allowed to give an advice to anyone applying, is this:  Just come prepared with all the necessary documents handy, come on time, be confident, ask for guidance from Him, and answer truthfully.  Good luck, everyone!

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