How to Apply for US Visa in Hong Kong and Macau

2  Create an Account on the Visa Application Section

You will be needing your DS-160 Application ID on this next step.

First, Log-in on this website:


Create an Account as a New User.


On the homepage, click on “New Application/Schedule Appointment” tab.



Click on the Visa Type you are applying.


Continue by answering the questions.


Fill up with your information.  Note:  If you are going on the interview with another person, only you have to create an account here.  Just input his name on add participant tab and enter his/her DS-160 Application ID.


After filling up all necessary information, you will arrive on this page.  You are now ready to pay for the Visa fee.  Print this page with the barcode and proceed to any 7-11 stores.


3.  Pay for the Visa Fee

Payment can be made at any 7-11 stores in Macau and Hong Kong.  Simply present the MRV Fee Payment paper you printed and pay for the amount.  The visa fee is amounting to MOP/HKD1280.  Make sure to get the receipt upon payment.

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  2. Bell

    Hello I’m Domestic Helper here in Hongkong is it possible to apply a Tourist visa to New Zealand here in Hongkong while im under domestic contract? I have any chance to apply? My sister in New Zealand will sponsor me by tourist visa so any advice please thank you in advance

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