How to Apply for US Visa in Hong Kong and Macau

How to Apply for US Visa in Hong Kong and Macau

Most people dream of visiting the United States of America to marvel the beauty of its numerous tourist attractions evident by the number of Visa applications US embassies receive from any parts of the world.  Lucky are those who are exempted from acquiring Visa and can freely enter America anytime they want.  For those who need to apply visa, appointment should be set, payment should be made and documents should be completed.  It sounds very tedious, but, it really isn’t.

Macau doesn’t have a US Consulate, thus, all applications are processed personally in Hong Kong.  Any nationalities who are currently working and living in either Hong Kong or Macau are allowed to apply for US visa.  One doesn’t need to go back to his home country to apply.


How to Apply for US Visa in Hong Kong and Macau


There are only five steps on how to apply for US Visa in Hong Kong and Macau.  It is not as complicated as one would think.  Just simply follow this step-by-step procedure and you are one step away from your dream US vacation.

  1. Fill-out and Create the DS-160 (Non-Immigrant) Form.
  2. Create an Account on Visa Application Section.
  3. Pay for the Visa Fee
  4. Set an Appointment
  5. Proceed personally at US Consulate General in Hong Kong for interview.

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Note:  I am a Filipino national with a regular Philippine passport who is currently living and working in Macau, who applied for (B1-B2) Tourist Visa.

Before proceeding to step one, make sure you are aware of the different types of Visa.  You may refer to this link to determine what kind of visa you will be applying for:


  1. Fill-out and Create the DS-160 Form.

First, you must log-in at the website shown below:


On the homepage, choose the location you will be applying for.  In this case, choose Hong Kong.  Then, enter the captcha code and click on “Start an Application” button.


The next page will show your application ID, which you must keep safe and you will be asked for a security question.  Your application ID and security question are used when you want to continue filling up the form on a later time.


Complete the DS-160 form by filling up all the information required.  Make sure that all the information is true and accurate.  Personal information, passport information, parents and spouse information are needed.  Same with your educational background, work experiences and previous travels.  Tentative or confirmed travel to US should be provided.  If you will be visiting a friend, his/her address is necessary, if you have no friends or relatives in the US, you may put hotel’s name on the organization name.


After completion, save the information because the next step is uploading the picture.  Not saving it means losing all information when the page times out.  You will have to create a new one if that happens.


Upload Photo.  Make sure that the photo is in accordance to the required guidelines.  If the photo is big, make use of the Photo Cropping tool.  Once successful, photo will be uploaded.  Note:  If the photo was successfully uploaded, the consulate will still determine whether the photo has passed the standards, if not, you can take the photo at the consulate for HKD50 (exact amount).


Sign and Submit.  You will be asked to review all submitted information.  Once you signed and submitted the form, you can no longer amend any details.


After submission, this page will come out.  Print this page and send it on your e-mail for backup.  A printed copy of the DS-160 form is to be submitted on your interview day.


Note:  If there is another member of your family to be interviewed at the same time with you, after completion of your DS-160, you will be asked to add a family member.  Then, create a DS-160 form for your companion.

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