List of Philippine Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

List of Philippine Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

Working in Singapore is a goal for most people wanting to work abroad.  High compensation and harmonious working environment are what tempted people to find jobs in the country.  Recently, many Filipinos are applying for jobs regardless of industries, because, Singapore has a great demand of manpower.  There are lots of job opportunities available for expatriates, they just have to show they are capable of doing the job.  With lots of opportunities, different methods and ways to apply are available.  One of the ways is to apply at any Philippine Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Singapore.

Looking for jobs while on tourist visa is prohibited and is not encouraged by Singapore and Philippine government.  The embassy of the Philippines is very vocal in reminding Filipinos to not resort to this kind of method to acquire a job.  One of the reasons is that they would allow themselves vulnerable for potential abuse.  Nevertheless, they are aware that some resort to this method that’s why Philippines has accredit recruitment agencies to hire Filipinos in Singapore.  For those who are already in Singapore and have exhausted all modes of application, then, going to recruitment agency is also one way to look for jobs.  It goes without saying that one should be cautious of recruitment agencies and make sure to only go to Embassy-accredited recruitment agencies.

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The following agencies are some of the active recruitment agencies in Singapore accredited by Philippine embassy where you can go to look for job.  Agencies for household workers or professionals are available.  For complete list of recruitment agencies you may go directly to this link:

Philippine Accredited Professional/Skilled Workers Agencies in Singapore


HR Net Consultancy

42D North Canal Road, Singapore 059298

Contact Person:  Lee Ching Huat

Thong Yong 2000 Marine PTE LTD

Block 9, Pioneer Road North, 01-57, Singapore 628461

Contact Person:  Ng Teck Guan

Tel:  62620105

Fax:  6261200


Philippine Accredited Household Service Workers’ Agencies in Singapore


24X7 Maids PTE Ltd

865 Mountbatten Road, #01-58 Katong Shopping Centre, Singapore

Contact Person:  Khare Madura Vijay

Tel: 98150477

Fax: 63420096

A4 Employment Agency

Block 181 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, #01-2926, Singaproe 560181

Contact Person:  G.K. Karuna George

Tel:  64514514

AA Overseas Employment Centre

304 Orchard Road, #04-16 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

Contact Person:  Pang Kia Lian

Tel:  67359971

Fax:  67358045

Aberdeen Employment Services

420 North Bridge Road, #02-33 North Bridge Center, SG 188727

Contact Person:  Maria Celina T. Ledesma

Tel:  63341495

ACE Asia Personnel Services

865 Mountbatten Road, #01-87, Katong Shipping Center, SG 437844

Contact Person:  Tan Wi Lex

Tel:  63421368

Fax:  63421068

Achieve Employment LLP

1 Brooke Road, 02-26 Katong Plaza, Singapore 429979

Contact Person:  Soh Chu Cheong

Tel:  63420678

Fax:  31518978

Agape Employment Services

Blk 70 Lorong 4, Toa Payoh 01-349, Singapore 310070

Contact Person:  Tan Seng Chuan

Tel:  62511348

Fax:  62561347

Allied Manpower Management PTE LTD

465 North Bridge Road, 2-5085, Singapore 191465

Contact Person:  Low Wee Yee Jacquelyn

Tel:  67333444

Fax:  62950373

Amazing Employment 

21 Hougang Street 51, 2-24 Hougang Green Shopping Mall, SG 538719

Contact Person:  Racquel Cadangan

Tel:  63153160

Fax:  68755263

AMJ Employment Agency LLP

18 Smith Street, Singapore 058932

Contact Person:  Jordan Woo Chi Yong

Tel/Fax:  62230221

ANA Employment Agency & Trading Services PTE LTD

150 Orchard Road, 5-34 Orchard Plaza, SG 238841

Contact Person:  Lum Wai Chong

Tel:  67360272

Fax:  67360972

AR Excel Employment Agency

Block 422 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4, 4-242, SG 680422

Contact Person:  Kim Lee Fang

Tel:  83337708

Fax:  67639819

Asialink Manpower Agency

195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, 02-26, SG 168976

Contact Person:  Ho Tet

Tel:  68366698

Fax:  62343683

Assured Employment Services

865 Moutbatten Road, B1-81 Katong Shopping Center, SG 437844

Contact Person:  Steven Ong

Tel:  63467218

Asterisk Service Point

348 Clementi Avenue 5, 7-50, SG 120348

Contact Person:  Yu Alerto Duma

Tel:  67781824

Fax:  66891460

AUK Management Services PTE LTD

304 Orchard Road, 2-05 Lucky Plaza, SG 238863

Contact Person:  Chew Chai Hong

Tel:  67375055

Fax:  67371022

AV Global Harvest PTE LTD

304 Orchard Road, 4-28 Lucky Plaza, SG 238863

Contact Person:  Kamsiah Binte Hassan

Tel:  67384948

Fax:  68367505

Award Employment Agency

170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, 5-26 Bukit Timah Shopping Center, SG 588179

Contact Person:  Selene Teo

Tel:  64631167

Fax:  63143282

Bee Lee Maid Agency

41 Cambridge Road, 1-24, SG 210041

Contact Person:  Lim Bee Lee

Tel:  63456364

Fax:  63440137

Beracah Human Resources Consultancy Services

10 Simai St. Center, Singapore 529697

Contact Person:  Virginia Macapinlac

Tel:  67838680

Fax:  67833749

Betterhelp Recruitment Agency PTE LTD

545 Orchard Road, 3-24 Far East Shopping Center, Singapore 238882

Contact Person:  Mitch Iwayan Seat

Tel:  67387130

Fax:  67387134

Best Home Employment Agency

170 Upper Bukit Timah Shopping Center, SG 588179

Contact Person:  Mok Toe Mei

Tel:  64627055

Fax:  6467060

Bright Maid Employment Agency

185 Toa Payoh Central, #01-348, SG 310185

Contact Person:  Chua Show Chin

Tel:  63360188

Fax:  62553168

By His Grace Employment Agency

170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd., 2-71 Bukit Timah Shopping Center, SG 588179

Contact Person:  Pangtong Kiat Joey

Tel:  67635658/67638566

Fax:  67638198

CEZ Employment Services

304 Orchard Road, 4-10 Lucky Plaza, SG 238863

Contact Person:  Alfredo Ogot

Tel:  67340132

Fax:  63861862


Champion Manpower Agency LLP

865 Mountbatten Road, 1-2 Katong Shopping Cnetre, SG 437844

Contact Person Pipi Sabari Bong

Tel:  63420700

Charisha Employment Agencies

121A Serangoon Road, Singapore 218026

Contact Person:  Narinderjit Kaur/O Chanan Singh

Tel:  62987380/62974968

Fax:  62984846

CNC Maid Agencies

Blk 531 A Upper Cross St. 3-110 SG 051531

Contact Person:  Chan Chuen Ho

Tel:  65339308

Fax:  67258393

Contact Asia PTE LTD

140 Upper Bukit Timah Road, 2-6 Beauty World Plaza, SG 588176

Contact Person:  Tan Kah Pot Helen

Tel:  64662696

Crislo Employment Agency PTE LTD

1 Park Rd., 3-01 People’s Park, Singapore 059108

Contact Person:  Low Kooi Har

Tel:  64383353

Fax:  64383069

Crislo Resources

1 Park Rd., 3-01 People’s Park Complex, Singapore 059108

Contact Person:  Chung Kin Soon

Tel:  64383353

Fax:  64383069

DANS Services

304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, Singapore 228863

Contact Person:  Tersa Dans Macabasco

Tel:  6568873927

Fax:  6563654463


Eden Grace Maids and Employment Agency

12 Arumugan Rd., Lion Industrial Bldg. B, Singapore 409958

Contact Person:  Lee Guat Yoong

Tel:  65248737

EJ Recruitment Agency

50 East Coast Rd., 01-46 Roxy Sq., SG 428769

Contact Person:  Tan Eu Jin

Tel:  63443700

Fax:  64402867

Express Maid and Employment Services

1 Jalan Anak, Bukit Timah Plaza, SG 588996

Contact Person:  Lim Teck Seng James

Tel:  64691121

Fax:  64691220

Express Employment Service Centre

1 Jalan Anak bukit, 2-39 Bukit Timah Plaza, SG 588996

Contact Person:  Chow Poh Mui Karen

Tel:  64691121

Fax:  64691220

Fairmaid Agency

1 Brooke Road, B01-35 Katong Plaza, Singapore 429979

Contact person:  Toh Eng Kim

Tel:  6440505872

Fax:  67841629

Faith Employment Agency

865 Mountabatten Road, 1-50 Katong Shopping Centre, SG 437844

Contact Person:  Monica Leong Kim Choo

Tel:  64471636

Fame Management PTE LTD

Blk 113 Bukit Merah View, 1-550 Singapore 150113

Contact Person:  Seow Khee Chong

Tel:  63771134

Fax:  62731722

FMP Manpower Consultant

271 Bukit Time Road 02-14 Balmural Plaza, SG 259708

Contact Person:  Gordon La Faber

Tel:  62381406

Fax:  62381468


Friends Employment Agency

1 Park Road, 4-12 People’s Park Complex, SG 059108

Contact Person:  Koh Beh Eng

Global Talents Events and Management

304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, 4-106, Singapore 198510365

Contact Person:  Ang Tian Seng

Tel:  67352802/98510365

Fax:  67352802

Great Employment Agency

144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd., 2-36 Beauty World Center, SG 588177

Contact Person:  Tee Nai Kim

Tel:  64660040

Fax:  64663450

Great Link Employmnet Agency

170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd., 01-11 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, SG 588179

Contact Person:  Koh Eng Hock

Tel:  67757750

Fax:  64669211

Happy Home Agency PTE LTD

304 Orchard Road, 04-09 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

Contact Person:  Neo Kim Yong

Tel:  68849543/68361957


865 Mountbatten Road, B1-111 Katong Shopping Center, (S)  437844

Contact Person:  Helen Cheang Siew Yen

Tel:  64400787

Helian Employment Service PTE LTD

765 Upper Serangoon Rd., 03-02 Upper Serangoon Shopping Center, SG 534626

Contact Person:  Oh Siem Ping

Tel:  64697228

Home Sweet Home

304 Orchard Road Lucky Plaza, 03-74, Singapore 238863

Contact Person:  Lisa Harjanto

Tel:  67346639

Fax:  67386679

Homeland Employment Agency

170 Upper Buukit Timah Road, 02-14/15 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, SG 588179

Contact Person:  Kong Hup Chor

Tel:  64630122

Fax:  64634273

Ideal Resources Agency

111 Northbridge Road, 5-32, Peninsula Plaza, SG 179098

Contact Person:  Yow Yin Moi

Tel:  63370353

Integrity Maid and Employment

10 Anson Road, #26-4 International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Contact Person:  Ong Xiaomei

Tel:  65817323

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