Places in China Filipinos Can Visit Without Visa

Places in China Filipinos Can Visit Without Visa

China is the second largest state in the world and the most populous one.  With its vast land area, countless of tourist attractions are available.  Man-made and natural wonders have populated the country from Northern to Southern part.  With its rich history and abundant attractions, a visit to China is on the top of the list.  But, not everyone can easily enter China, most of world’s nationalities have to acquire visa to enter.  Filipinos, for one, are required a visa to enter, but, there are some places in China Filipinos Can Visit Without Visa.

China visa is not as elusive as US visa, but acquiring Visa to any other country is quite of a hassle.  So, if you are on a spontaneous trip and do not have time to acquire for a visa, here are the places you can go for a tour.




Hainan is located at the southernmost part of China and is the smallest of all the provinces in the country.  It is popularly called the “Hawaii of the East” for its tropical weather, far different from some other provinces of China.  It is known for its soft beaches and magnificent landscapes that attracted nature-lover travelers all around the world.  Tourists also come here to have a sip of the mouth-watering coconut juice the province is proud of.

Philippine-passport holders can enter Hainan visa-free for up to 15 days provided that they go on a group.  Group tours of at least 5 people in Hainan province should be organized by international travel agencies approved by National Tourism Administration of China.  The travel agencies should also be registered in Hainan.  



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Guilin is one of the most beautiful places in China and is comparable to the famous Halong Bay. With its picturesque landscapes, Guilin has solidify its place on China’s Top Places To Go.  Magnificent pagodas, breath-taking terraces, mystifying caves, and beautiful river view, among others, are what will greet you on your tour.  Rent a scooter and explore the quintessential China and let yourself be captivated by its beauty.  The picture on the 20RMB bill will come to life and will surely leave you mesmerized.

Filipino Nationals and other ASEAN nationals can enter Guilin without visa for up to six days on a tour group.  Tour groups should enter and exit Guilin only at Guilin Lianjiang Airport for this visa exemption.  All tour members are not allowed to leave Guilin during this visa exemption days. 



Pearl River Delta Area (Zhongshan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Zhaoqing)


Pearl River or Zhu Jiang River Delta Area is the center of trade and commerce not only of Guangdong province but also of China.  The cities around Pearl River Delta are known as business hubs where business dealings and trade are done everyday.  The cities are bustling cosmopolitan of where the most of China’s exports are from. Shenzhen has the famous “Windows of the World” and Happy Valley, while, Guangzhou has Chimelong.  A cruise on the Pearl River is also a must and should be on every traveler’s bucket list.

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Filipinos can enter any region in Pearl River Delta without visa by joining a tour group at Hong Kong or Macao.  The tour should be organized by registered travel agencies in Macao or Hong Kong.  The visa-free is up to six days.  For those who are traveling in Macau or Hong Kong, this is a great opportunity to visit the famous Pearl River.



Visa on Arrival


For a solo traveler, you may avail of the five-day Visa on Arrival given in Shenzhen, provided that you have previously acquired a China visa.  The port of entries in Shenzhen are in Luohu Port, Shekou Port, Fuyong, and Huanggang Port.

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Visa on Arrival can also be acquired in Zhuhai for solo traveler given the same aforementioned condition.  The visa will be given at Gongbei Port upon arrival and you can stay only in Zhuhai for up to three days.

Note:  Fees are applicable for VOA and it is quite expensive.  RMB168 is the current fee and is subject to change.  Make advantage of this VOA only for urgent and business purposes, otherwise, just apply for a regular China visa.



Pretty Much every major Airports in China


If you are transiting to any major airports in China and is on a lay-over for less than 24 hours, you can acquire a 24-hour stay permit or transit visa.  If you have a layover in Beijing, this is your chance to visit the Great Wall of China without a visa.

Note:  This is only valid for transit and the flight ticket should be presented upon arrival.

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