Jobs in Singapore:  Ways to Apply

Jobs in Singapore: Ways to Apply

Singapore is one of the best Asian countries to work abroad.  Competitive salary, nice working environment, viable community, and comfort are what set it apart from other countries.  With its growing economy, the demand for manpower is on the rise.  The country is welcoming expats with open arms and is willing to work hand in hand for the betterment of their economy and in return give expats a better future.

A promise of career growth and jobs stability are what attracted expatriates from different parts of the world.  Over the years, Singapore has given opportunities for people from the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Nepal, and some other countries.  Talented individuals, hard working employees, and dependable staff regardless of race are given value and better opportunities.  If you are fresh graduate or just wanted a change of surrounding, working in Singapore is sure to be on the top of your list.  So, in this article we give you the ways on how to apply for jobs in Singapore.  Hope this helps and good luck!

1. Go through Accredited Recruitment Agencies

For some people looking for employment, going thru recruitment agencies is not the primary option for financial reasons.  It is common knowledge that recruitment agencies charge ridiculously high placement fees.  Seldom do we find an agency that has no placement fee or the placement fee has to be paid after signing the contract or salary deducted.  But, going thru recruitment agencies will lessen a lot of work for you.  They pretty much process everything after you hand them all necessary documents.  All you have to do is wait, basically.  Though, there is a risk involved, scams.  Scams are everywhere, that’s why it is important to only go to a government accredited recruitment agencies.  In the Philippines, make sure that the agency is one of the POEA Accredited Recruitment Agencies.  Before trusting an agency make sure that it is legitimate.

Here is the link of some of the Accredited Agencies for Singapore in the Philippines:  POEA Accredited Agencies for Singapore

2.  Utilize Online Job Portals

We are on this age when everything is online and everything is solved by just a click of the hand.  Online job portals provide an efficient, convenient, and fast way of finding employment.  They assisted job seekers by collating all job opportunities and openings on almost all job industries.  There is a great demand for manpower in Singapore that jobs are practically numerous.  Applying for jobs via online job portals are not limited, so, you can apply to as many jobs as you want.

Monster Singapore, Jobstreet Singapore, and JobsDB Singapore are just three of the most trusted Online Job Portals on the world wide web.  

Create an account, build up your employment form, upload a resume and look for jobs you are best suited for.  From application to interviews to contract signing, everything will be done online.


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3.  Applying Online

If you are wary about utilizing online job portals, then, do not apply thru them.  But, know that it can still be useful to you.  If you are unfamiliar of company names in Singapore, online job portals are of great value because they give you all of job openings from different company.  Simply head to your chosen field, check the company that have job openings then click on its website and apply directly.  Companies in Singapore tend to take notice of direct online application.

e.g.  If your chosen field is Secretarial or Office Work, one of the companies that is hiring is Complete Corporate Services Pte Ltd.  To apply online directly click on this link:

For Hospitality industry you may try applying at:

Marina Bay Sands Singapore:

For Civil Engineering and Construction:

Bureau Veritas Singapore Pte. Ltd.:

4.  Direct Application

Filipinos are not encouraged to apply directly in Singapore while on their tourist visa.  It is risky and it is not entirely legal.  But with all of this precaution, job seekers are still taking the risk just for the betterment of their future.  If you are willing to do this, then collect as much information as necessary before leaving your country.  Make sure that you have all the addresses of the companies you are planning to pass your application.  Most of these companies accept walk-ins and if you are lucky, you can say goodbye to placement fees as you will be directly hired.  For Philippine tourists, you have a 30-day visa to take advantage to and some more days after the exit.  Patience, perseverance, hard work, luck, and faith are the keys here.

5.  Apply via Local Recruitment Agencies

This is a sort of last resort for tourists in Singapore.  If you are unlucky and are running out of visa, going to recruitment agencies is what’s left.  Compare to direct-hire, job seekers hired by recruitment agencies are required to pay for placement fees.  Aside from that, salary is relatively lower.  It may not be as viable as direct application, use this as your stepping stone.  Once you have the working visa, try to find for some other jobs where you could fully maximize your potential.

Make sure to only go to agencies that are Embassy-accredited for your safety and protection.  For Filipinos, visit this link:  List of Philippine Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Singapore.

Merlion in Singapore

It is never easy to work abroad, away from your family.  The hardships and difficulty do not stop after you sign the contract, that is only the beginning.  You must know that all sacrifices are worth it once you see that your family back home is all you ever wished them to be.



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