3D2N Hong Kong Tour Itinerary

3D2N Hong Kong Tour Itinerary

Hong Kong is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Magnificent skylines, impressive buildings, intriguing blend of Eastern and Western cultures, and numerous tourist spots are what make the city one of a kind.  It is one of the most popular cities, not only in Asia but around the world.  Even in the midst of its popularity and thousands of tourists arrival, Hong Kong has always delivered.  There are many tourist attractions enough to satisfy every travelers around the world.  Here in this article is a sample of Hong Kong Tour Itinerary to help you get around this incredible place.


Hong Kong Tour Itinerary


Every traveler has this overwhelming feeling to wander into some unfamiliar place and is eager to discover what the other side of the world has in store.  Some would prefer to explore ancient cultures, some just want to succumb to nature’s call and experience it, some are okay to just simply go to amusement parks and some would like to immerse themselves with the locals.  Well, in Hong Kong you can do all of it.  If you got enough time.  For those who have full time jobs and traveling is only a temporary escape from real life, then, they can’t afford to do all of that.  Here is a sample itinerary if you only got 3days and 2 nights to spare.  It features the most famous tourist spots in Hong Kong to guarantee that you’ll have a great time.

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Day 1:


It is always advisable to choose flights arriving in Hong Kong at least after noon.  Hotels check-in are mostly open around this time and you can start exploring the city with comfort on not having luggage to worry about.

Note:  For choosing a hotel, make sure that the hotel is near at any MTR (Mass Transit Railway) for convenience.  MTR is the easiest, fastest and most convenient mode of transportation.

Victoria Peak via the Peak Tram

Victoria Peak

There is no better place in Hong Kong to get a magnificent view of the city and the waterfront than in Victoria Peak.  It is located on Hong Kong island, though, not the highest point, it is strategically located where the view will leave you in awe.  Victoria peak has restaurants where you can enjoy a good food, has some stalls to buy souvenirs and a sky terrace.  Also here is the famous Madame Tussauds that houses famous celebrities wax figures.  There are many ways to go up the Peak but nothing compares experiencing it via the Peak Tram.  The tram is going uphill to the peak and gives an incredibly nature’s view of Hong Kong.  There is really nothing like it.

Getting Here:  From MTR Central Station, take Exit J2, walk your way up to Charter Garden, and to Garden Road until you see the Peak Tram Station.  Then, take the Peak Tram to reach The Peak.  Peak Tram operates daily from 7am to 12mn every fifteen minutes.

Local Food and Night Market in Mong Kok

It is just customary for travelers to try local food as a way of immersing themselves to the place.  In Hong Kong, the best place to go is in Mong Kok, where quite a number of local restaurants are situated.  In Mong Kok the night comes to life, where locals and tourists are all over.  Restaurants and night markets are abundant.  The night market offers every items, souvenirs or everyday items, name it, they got it.  Take a stroll at the street of establishments with colorful and blinding lights and be entertained with performers on the street while checking out some bargain stuff.

Note:  Steamed chicken in ginger sauce, Chashao (rosted pork), wonton noodles, roasted duck, and Rice noodle roll are just some of local dishes one must try.

Getting Here:  Take MTR from Central Station to Mong Kok via red line (Tsuen Wan Line).  Then after alighting at Mong Kok station, take Exit A or B.

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Day 2:


Hong Kong Disneyland or Ocean Park

Disneyland Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park are two equally impressive amusement parks in Hong Kong.  Disneyland caters to younger markets while Ocean Park is more for thrill-seeking travelers.  Exploring both can take up a whole fine day, so, if you are on a limited vacation choose only one.  The choice will depend on who you are with and your interests.  Ocean Park admission fee is cheaper than Disneyland, but, Disneyland guarantees your money is worth it.  Both features thrilling rides, extravagant shows, great amenities, and entertainment like no other.

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Note:  Food is not allowed inside, but, you can bring water.  Bring lots of water.  Try to arrive early to avoid long queues.  If you choose to go to Disneyland, wait for the Fireworks display.  If you opt to go to Ocean Park, dare yourself to take any of the extreme rides.  Make sure to catch the penguin show, as well.

Getting to Disneyland:  Take MTR (orange line) to Sunny Bay Station then take the direct Hong Disneyland express train.  Opens Monday to Friday from 1030am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 9pm.

Getting to Ocean Park:  Take MTR to MTR Admiralty Station, proceed to exit B then on the right hand side, take the Ocean Park Bus.  Opens Monday to Friday from 1030am to 630am and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 7pm. UPDATE:  There is now a direct MTR to Ocean Park from MTR Admiralty Station.

Experience the Nightlife at Lan Kwai Fong Street

A stay to any city wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the nightlife.  As vibrant as Bangkok, Hong Kong offers a wide variety of bars and lounges to chill on.  Lan Kwai Fong is Hong Kong’s pub street.  Tens of bars offering happy hour prices will greet you on the street.  This is where tourists and locals meet to hang out and have a good time.  This is the best way to spend the last night in Hong Kong.

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Getting to Lan Kwai Fong:  From Central MTR Station, take Exit D2 and walk you way to the street.


Day 3:


If the flight from Hong Kong International Airport is in the evening, then, you can use this day to visit one more important tourist spot.  Check-out from the hotel, and proceed to either MTR Hong Kong station or Kowloon station to avail the In-town Check-in Service.  In-town Check-in Service allows you to check in your luggage and get your boarding pass in the city for convenience.

Note:  If you are heading to Macau by ferry, the luggage can be stored at the ferry terminal with fee.  It can also be stored at the hotel where you stayed at.  

Ngong Ping Village via Cable Car

Ngong Ping Village

Located on the largest island in Hong Kong, Lantau Island, is a village that brings a different flavor to what Hong Kong is popular for.  Ngong Ping Village is an entertainment and retail center with plenty of retail shops, restaurants, and a theatre.  A 25-minute ride on a cable car gives an astounding view of the mountain and the rural side of Hong Kong.  The village is also the home of the Big Buddha or the Tian Tan Buddha.  The buddha splendidly sits atop the hill of over 200 staircase.  The trek alone is an adventure to look forward to.

Also on the village is the Po Lin Monastery and my own favorite spot, the Wisdom Path.  This experience will give you an everlasting impression of a beautiful Hong Kong.  Hong Kong that is rich in cultural history mixed with modern civilization.

Note:  If you still have time to spare, head to Tai O Fishing Village for a short tour.  Fishing is the ancient jobs in Hong Kong and its good to be familiar with history.

Getting to Ngong Ping Village via Cable Car:  Take MTR (Orange Line) to Tung Chung, the last stop, and take Exit B and proceed to cable car terminal.  Cable car is available during weekdays from 10am to 6pm and on weekends from 9am to 630 pm.  


Going to Hong Kong International Airport


Take MTR Airport Express from Hong Kong Station or Kowloon Station.  Train ride is approximately 24 minutes and train leaves every 10 minutes from 5:54 am to 00:48hrs.

Quintessential tourist spots juxtaposed with modern and contemporary attractions equalled excellence.  That is what Hong Kong offers.  Hong Kong guarantees that you will keep coming back.  That’s for sure.

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