POEA Accredited Agencies for Singapore

With the exception of Japan, Singapore has the most competitive salary and most attractive compensations for its workers, whether locals or expatriates, that is why many people from different nationalities are lured to go and find their luck in the island city-state.  Filipinos are no exceptions, like Hong Kong, Singapore has employed quite a number of Filipino domestic helpers and today, it has opened a lot of opportunities not only household jobs but also some professional jobs on other job industries.

Over the years, the world has witnessed the rise on economy of this diminutive state and has long been a center of financial industries, hospitality industries, engineering, medical industry, and education.  Among Filipinos, Singapore is one of the most sought-after countries to work and make a living not only because of its attractive compensations, but, also, because it is very near from home.  With the scarcity of jobs in the Philippines, especially for professionals, working abroad is a way to go and Singapore has opened its arms to welcome everyone fit and qualified for the jobs.  Many Filipinos have gone to Singapore on their tourist visas and with the limited days they have, including exits, they tried their luck and looked for jobs and hoped that they could be directly hired.  Few were lucky, and many were unfortunate, so they needed to go back home.  Those who are persistent would find another option, and that is going to POEA Accredited Recruitment Agencies for Singapore to apply for job vacancies.  Though, everyone knows that the competition is stiff and the requirements are stiffer.  Plus, they would have to pay a placement fee, which would no longer matter once you got the job.


Why Work in Singapore?

Being away from your family is the hardest part, but, knowing that Singapore is only 3 and a half plane ride away from the Philippines, makes it easier.  Aside from high compensation, Singapore is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia for its rich history, culture, Chinese influences, tourist attractions, leisure parks, and arts, so, imagine you are working and at the same traveling?  Isn’t that perfect?

Jobs Available in Singapore for Filipinos

There are many job opportunities and vacancies for all aspiring OFWs in different fields that will make sure you get to do what you do best, your profession.  It was years ago when the only jobs available for Filipinos are household jobs, now, they have discovered that Filipinos are talented, reliable, and dependable to perform what the jobs require and can be deployed to different fields of expertise.  Some of the job opportunities are:

  • Engineering
  • Construction Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Nursing
  • Care-giving Industry
  • Early-Childhood Education
  • English Teaching
  • Education
  • Hotel Operations Staff
  • Food and Beverage
  • Bank other Financial Industry
  • Call Center Agents

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Remember, once you get the job, take this time to explore the beauty of Singapore and appreciate a different life you’ll embark on from the usual life you have been living.  Good luck!



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