Two-Day Macau Tour Itinerary

Two-Day Macau Tour Itinerary

Macau used to only be a side-trip while visiting Hong Kong when the city is not yet known as the gambling hub or the Las Vegas of Asia.  The rise to its economy and enormous growth of casino resort hotels brought quite a number of tourists from around the world.  Now, the city is considered to be one of the most famous tourist spots in Asia.  Surely, it has gone a long way.  But, being the Las Vegas of Asia doesn’t mean that it only attracts gamblers because Macau is more than just casinos.

Macau is rich in history, both Portuguese and Chinese, and is also a modern city of gargantuan hotels and impressive buildings.  A one day tour to the city is acceptable than not going at all while you are in Hong Kong, but, you will surely realize that a day tour is not enough to explore the place and to discover the fusion of traditional and modern place.  If you can only spare one day to explore Macau, you might one to check out our “Macau One-Day Tour Itinerary” sample, but, for those who have two days to visit the city, then, this sample tour itinerary is recommended for you.

This two-day tour Macau itinerary is a comprehensive itinerary that will make sure you get to experience the Portuguese-influenced traditional Macau and the contemporary Macau.  Please note that the tour will still depend on your preferences and interests, so feel free to edit out some and skip those you do not find interesting.


Macau Day One:


10:00:  Arrival in Macau.  Depending on availability, 1pm is usually the check-in time of hotels and you can use the spare time to explore the property as big hotels in Macau are usually resorts with shopping, dining, and activity centres.

Note:  Shuttle buses to big hotels are available from Macau International Airport, Macau Ferry Terminal, Taipa Ferry Terminal, and Border Gate.  You may store your luggage first and if the reception is already open for check-in, you may request for your luggage to be sent directly to your room.

*Venetian Hotel has the Grand Canal Shoppes and the gondola ride.  Parisian Macau has the Eiffel Tower.  Wherever you choose to stay, use this time to explore the place.  Dine at some restaurants found in the hotel and do some leisure activities.


Gondola Ride at Venetian Macau


14:00:  Hotel Check-In.  Expect a queue when checking in especially for big hotels and during peak seasons.  After you check-in, be amazed with marvellous hotel suites.  Different hotels, different themes, creativity, and inspiration.

15:30:  Visit Cotai Strip.  Cotai Strip is a reclaimed area connecting Taipa and Coloane islands and is now home to the biggest hotels in Macau such as:  Venetian Macau, Sands Cotai Central, City of Dreams, Studio City, Galaxy Hotel, Wynn Palace, Four Seasons Hotel and the newly opened Parisian Macau.  Take this time to stroll along the strip and capture amazing photos of amazing establishments.

17:00:  Watch Local Shows.  Visit hotels’ websites to check out the most entertaining and must-see shows in Macau.

19:00:  Try Local Foods.  Portuguese and Cantonese cuisines are the local cuisines.  There are plenty of restaurants, some Michelin-star rated, to choose from to try the authentic local dishes you wouldn’t have in any parts of the world.

Note:  You may go to Taipa Village, Cunha Street near the Cotai Strip to find some local restaurants in Macau and at the same time take this time to by some local delicacies.  Here, you may also see the Taipa Houses Museum.

A Lorcha

21:00:  Experience the Night-life.  Bars, disco clubs, lounges, clubs. pubs, name it, Macau has it.  You have never been to a city without experiencing the nightlife.

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Macau Day Two:


No matter how hung over were you the previous night, you need to get up early for there are still lots of things to do and lots of places to explore.  After your breakfast, you can do an early check-out, make sure to store your luggage at the baggage service of the hotel and claim it before you depart, for convenience.

10:00:  City Centre of Macau.  Send Square and Ruins of St. Paul’s.  Your tour of Macau is not complete without visiting the famous landmark, Ruins of St. Paul’s.  The facade of the broken church is one of the most photographs and most notable landmarks of Macau.  Around this area, is an old town full of Portuguese-styled buildings, old temples, old streets, and old churches.  A walk through Senado Square will educate you about the influences of Western culture on Eastern civilization.

ruins of St. Paul's

*Note:  Notable area of attractions on the area:  Ruins of St. Paul’s, Senado Square, St. Dominic’s Church, the Cathedral, Holy House of Mercy, Macau Museum, Macau Fortress, and Na Tcha Temple.

12:00:  Macau Street Foods.  Pork Bun, Hot Pot, and Portuguese Egg Tarts are three local delicacies that tourists can’t get enough of.  As you stroll along the Ruins, you will see a long queue of people lining up to have a taste of Macau street foods.  Can’t blame them, these are delish!

pork bun


14:00:  Hotels in Macau Peninsula.  Not all big hotels are in Cotai Strip, some of them are in Macau Peninsula.  Walking distance from Senado Square are some other big hotels.

16:00:  Afternoon Tea.  Go Chinese and have an Afternoon Tea.  This is the time to reflect and relish all that you’ve seen and it will surely leave a lasting impression and make you want to come back.

17:00:  Departure from Macau.  Depending on where you’re heading next, you will find free shuttle buses to exit points of Macau on almost all big hotels in Macau.

See you!

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