Getting to Shenzhen from Macau

Getting to Shenzhen from Macau

Shenzhen is a city located at the southern part of the vast province of Guangdong.  It is one of the largest financial districts in China and one of the most prosperous cities as well.  It is the first city in China to be regarded as Special Economic Zone.  Shenzhen is lying adjacent to Hong Kong and is only an hour away by ferry from Macau.

The metropolitan city of Shenzhen has seen a gradual ascent to being one of the most economically affluent cities not only in the whole country, but, also in Asia.  The city is very modern that it is now a far cry to the traditional and quintessential Chinese provinces.  It may have established itself a major financial hub, but, there is still a lingering Chinese culture present evident with the cuisines and Chinese artifacts in the place.

Window of the World (image credit to Wikipedia)

The city is good for tourists not only because of its magnificent skyscrapers and buildings, but, also because of the growing number of tourist attractions.  Window of the World and Happy Valley are just two of many tourist spots in the place.  The metro system of Shenzhen makes the tourist spots accessible to the public.  Spending a day or two at this cosmopolitan place will immerse you to a contemporary China blended with old-fashioned style and ambiance.

China Visa

A China Visa is required for all upon entry except for those who are holding passports of the countries Brunei, Singapore, and Japan and those who are eligible for a Single Entry Five-Day Visa on Arrival (VOA) to Shenzhen.  This single entry five-day VOA to Shenzhen is only valid for visit on any parts of Shenzhen and is available at four different entry ports.  Once you arrive at the entry port, fill-up the application form, take a photo, and then pay the fee of 168RMB.  Remember, they only accept RMB, if you do not have the currency, money changer is readily available.

Here are the entry ports in Shenzhen and their operation hours:

Shenzhen Port of EntryOperation Hours
Luoho Port07:30 to 23:30
Huanggang Port00:00 to 24:00
Shekou Port09:00 to 13:00 and 14:30 to 17:00
Fuyong Port08:00 to 21:00

Aside from the USA and France, the following countries are also NOT eligible for this VOA scheme.  For citizens of the Philippines and Indonesia, the VOA will only be available if this is not your first entry to the country.  If it is, then you must get a China Visa.

Saudi ArabiaSomaliaSri LankaSyriaSudanTurkey
UgandaUnited Arab EmiratesYemen

Getting to Shenzhen from Macau

Going to Shenzhen from Macau is just as easy as going to Hong Kong.  There are two modes of transportation to get to the city, one is by ferry which is only for an hour and the other is by bus.  The ferries and the buses will depart from Macau and will arrive directly at Shenzhen.  In Shenzhen, there are different ports of arrival but the whole city is reachable by public transport and by the modern metro system.

Ferry from Macau to Shenzhen Shekou

From Taipa Ferry Terminal:

08:30, 10:45, 14:00, 17:30, 18:30, 20:30

From Macau Ferry Terminal:

Macau to Shekou

Ferry from Macau to Shenzhen (Baoan) Airport (Fuyong Terminal)

From Taipa Ferry Terminal:


From Macau Ferry Terminal:

Macau to Shenzhen Airport

Direct Bus from Macau to Shenzhen

From Macau Beverly Plaza Hotel to Shenzhen


From Macau Metropark Hotel to Shenzhen


Please note that the destination in Shenzhen is in multiple places:  Silver Lake Bus Station, Metropark Hotel Shenzhen, Huanggang, and Guangyin Building.  Please contact this hotline for the most updated schedule and for exact arrival area.

Macau Beverly Plaza Hotel:  (853) 87980868

Macau Metropark Hotel:  (853) 87903211

Direct Bus from Macau to Baoan Airport

From Macau Beverly Plaza Hotel


From Macau Metropark Hotel


Here’s Shenzhen Metro Map for your reference too:

Shenzhen Metro Map

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