Jobs in Macau:  Venetian Macau

Jobs in Macau: Venetian Macau


Venetian Macau is arguably the most popular hotel in Macau receiving more or less 80 thousand people a day.  The hotel has been considered as one of the most visited attractions in Macau and has largely contributed to the ever-growing tourism business of the city.  Venetian Macau opened on August 28, 2007, and since then, it has attracted its share of tourists wanting and curious to visit Macau.

The hotel boasts nearly 3000 hotel suites, hundred of shops, tens of restaurants, and a number of indoor activities.  On the third floor of Venetian is the Grand Canal Shoppes.  This Venice-inspired shopping area has an indoor canal where you can take a romantic gondola ride while being serenaded by a Gondolier.  The resort has an arena, a theatre, the largest gambling floor in Macau, meeting and exhibition rooms, hotel amenities such as gym, swimming pools, and mini-golf course, children’s playground and extravagant lobbies befitting its 5-star hotel status.

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Why Work with Venetian Macau?

Stability.  Venetian is the first casino in Cotai Strip and since its inception it has shown no sign of slowing down.  In fact, with the continuous growth of gambling industry in Macau, Venetian has solidify its place as a pioneer and as a pillar of the industry.

Competitive Salary.  Though not the highest among the big hotels in Macau, the salary is still very competitive and the company has been generous to its employees by consistently appraising the salary and giving bonuses.

Benefits.  Insurance, discount on hotels – not only Venetian, but also to its sister companies, shoppes, ferry tickets, tickets for the hottest shows in the city, food, housing allowances, and many more.  If the benefits don’t attract you, I do not know what will.

What are the jobs available?

There are job opportunities available not only for locals but also for people around the world that are interested and are qualified for the job.  The hotel is looking for talented individuals willing to share their talents and skills, willing to be honed as individuals, and willing to grow.  You may choose to work in front of the house or at the back of the house, in hotel operations area, or in casino operations area.  Here are some of the jobs you can apply to:

  • Welcome Service
  • Butler
  • Front Desk Reception
  • Concierge
  • Bell Attendant
  • Food and Beverage
  • Room Attendant
  • Housekeeping – Public Area
  • Recreation

How to Apply for a Job in Venetian Macau?

  1.  You may drop your resume at the Adelson Advanced Education Centre (AAEC) located in level 3, Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel.  The AAEC is located between the shops Emporio di Gondola and H&M.
  2.  Online Application.  This is the most popular mode of application for those interested, whether you are in Macau or you are still in your beloved hometown.

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How to Apply Online?

  1. Visit the The Venetian Macau career and development site.Jobs in Macau: Venetian MacauOr click this link:
  2. Find a job category.Jobs in Macau: Venetian Macau
  3. Select form the drop-down list your preferred position.Jobs in Macau: Venetian Macau
  4. Proceed to the position desired.Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 21.32.35
  5. Read through the job details and qualifications.Jobs in Macau: Venetian Macau
  6. Create a Profile.Jobs in Macau: Venetian Macau
  7. Upload your resume and fill-out the questionnaire with truthful answers.  Note:  give out your Skype account as they may do the interview via skype.
  8. Wait for the e-mail.
  9. Access the employment page again to check other job opportunities.Jobs in Macau: Venetian Macau

Online Application is very easy and very cheap, but luck should also be on your side to get the desired job.  If you do not hear from them after a week or two, try to apply for another position.  Be patient and have faith.

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Disclaimer:  The author is neither a job recruiter nor working in any recruitment agency.  He’s just doing it for public service! 


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Carlo has started working in Macau in 2007 and two years after, he met his destined-to-be wife, Lorna and they started exploring the world. Together.


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