Top Guilty Pleasure Movies

Top Guilty Pleasure Movies

Guilty pleasure is defined by Urban Dictionary as something that you like to do but you just cannot admit that you do it.  Something that you know you shouldn’t like because many believed that you shouldn’t, but you like it anyway.  These are movies that you secretly liked and enjoyed, and you do not want to tell the world that you watch these movies countless times for fear that you might end up the laughing stock.

Guilty Pleasure Movies

Guilty pleasure movies are also movies that are considered horrible by most and panned by critics, yet for some unknown reasons you thoroughly enjoyed.  It is very difficult to enumerate my own guilty pleasure movies, I do not know when to draw the line based on the criteria given.  Good movies for me are movies that can make me laugh, cry, be affected and sometimes can get me thinking.  Movies like The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, The Replacements, Con Air, Transformers, Spiderman movies, and even Star Wars prequels were all criticized by critics and moviegoers alike, but I love these movies and I am not ashamed to actually tell anybody that these are some of my favorite movies, thus movies I’ve mentioned cannot be included on this list.   So here are my guilty pleasure movies out in the open and please, do not judge me (Lol).

1.  Final Destination 1

Final DestinationI know that there are many Final Destination movies, but the one that I liked was the first one, the one that started it all.  Alex played by Devon Sawa and his friends are about to board a plane when Alex had a premonition that the plane will explode, sounding crazy, he was successful to convince his friends not to take the plane and were surprised that premonition did happen.  They all survived, but all of you know what happens next, right?  The story, I know, seems ridiculous but I liked it and I’ve watched it more than once.

2.  Home Alone

Home Alone 1Home Alone will always remind me of my childhood, I don’t remember enough movies back then, but this one stays with me.  It is specially perfect to watch the movie during the Christmas season, I know that kids of this new generation will still enjoy the movie.  So the next time I go back home I’ll ask my nieces and nephews and young cousins to watch this movie, and I wouldn’t mind joining them so we can all have fun.

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3.  Anaconda

AnacondaI am talking about the first movie, the one with Jennifer Lopez and Jon Voight, not the other I-don’t-know-how-many-more Anaconda movies.  When I think about it, if I haven’t watched it before when I was younger, I don’t think I will ever watch it now or in the next foreseeable future.

4.  A Walk to Remember

A Walk to RememberOkay, you should understand me if I am not proud to tell that I liked this movie, c’mon, it’s a chick-flick.  Nicholas Sparks?  Mandy Moore?  Mandy Moore singing in a movie?  You cannot blame me, can you? 🙂  But men, this is the ultimate chick-flick, at least back in our high-school/college days.

5.  The Notebook

Did I say A Walk to Remember is the ultimate chick-flick?  let me take that back, the title belongs to this movie.  I haven’t read any Nicholas Sparks’ novels, but I’ve watched not just one, but two movies based on his.  Not bad.  I know I am not alone with this, men you gotta speak up!

6.  The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After TomorrowPathetic, worst movie, ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, are just some words thrown to this end-of-the-world movie.  In the movie, the world will end because of climate change and that the Ice Age is imminent and the protagonist should find a way to survive and find solution to the problem, you know, cliché?  Some may laugh at the movie, but every time it is shown on the television, I can’t help but sit and watch.

7.  Armageddon


Another the-world-will-end movie, but this time it is about one gigantic asteroid fast approaching the earth.  I know that the movie is somewhat unrealistic and flawed, but if you’ve watched it, do not tell me that you didn’t shed a tear?  Like real tears, men?  If no, who are you kidding?  🙂

8.  Little Nicky

Little NickyIf we talk about guilty pleasure movies, Adam Sandler movies will first come to mind, especially since almost his movies bombed critically.  But forget about the critics, we sure enjoy his movies.  And if there is one movie of his I wouldn’t admit liking, it is Little Nicky.  That movie was made for kids, obviously but who says we cannot be kids at heart?

9.  Karate Kid

Karate KidWhen I first heard that they’re gonna remake the Karate Kid, I was pumped, but then I heard about the casting (except Jackie Chan) and the setting and I was like, what is wrong with them?  I loved the original movie that was why I was disappointed when I learned about it, but I gave it a chance.  And glad I did, it wasn’t better than the original, but at least it was better than I expected.  And I told myself, this kid Jaden can go a long way, and then, he did After Earth, I took back what I said!

10.  Titanic

TitanicIs there anyone out there who were born before the ’90s that haven’t watched the film?  It kinda earned more than a billion dollars, like that was a large sum of money so I am assuming that less percent of the population haven’t watched it, though of course I could be wrong.  Nevertheless, it is hard to not like the movie, but it’s harder to tell the world that you like it.  This movie could well be the exact synonymous of guilty pleasure movie.  For the record, I’ve only watched it thrice, not so many times, okay?!

What are your guilty pleasure movies?

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