Macau Museums in a Day

Some people tend to stereotype people who visit museums as boring, nerd, reserved, introverts or sometimes classy.  That isn’t entirely true.  Museums appeal to people from different walks of life, different generations, and different social classes.  People are attracted to visit museums because they are curious, they are hungry to learn about history, ancient cultures, the past, the old ways, and almost anything under the sun.  They are all born famished of knowledge and are all eager to fill the void with information that continue to fascinates each and every one of us.

One fine listless off day, my wife and I decided to do one of the things we haven’t done together in Macau, and that was to visit Museums.  My wife admitted that she wasn’t really a fan of Museums but she’s curious and yielded to my request.  Macau has more than 20 museums and one whole day was not enough to visit all of it so we’ve chosen to visit only a few that captured our interests.  Museums in Macau are not as sophisticated or as grand as what they have in some countries in Europe or in USA, but, if you are interested with the fusion of East and West, particularly of Portuguese and Chinese, then, visiting museums in Macau is worth your time and effort.

This way to Museu de Macau
This way to Museu de Macau

Museu de Macau (Macau Museum)

For our first stop, we headed to the biggest museum in Macau, the Macau Museum.  Located at the hill of Mt. Fortress and directly adjacent to Ruins of St. Paul’s is the biggest museum in Macau that chronicles the Portuguese occupation, settlement and fusion with Chinese cultures and tradition.

The entrance to Macau Museum
The entrance to Macau Museum

Macau Museum wonderfully stages the early life of Macau people – ancient occupation, ancient houses, early infrastructures, old customs, and ancient traditions – to the occupation and governing of Portuguese up to the remnants of Portuguese influences of the modern day Macau.  This three-storey building is a living testament of the great differences between the East and West cultures forced to bond together, adapts with one another and eventually live  and grow together.

Macau Museum Macau Museum Macau Museum Macau Museum

For a MOP15 entrance fee, the museum will let you go down the memory lane and will leave you in awe and be fascinated with how rich and beautiful the old Macau was.  The first floor of the museum will show you Macau’s origin and how two civilizations met halfway and created a dynamic culture and traditions, on the second level are the ancient crafts and traditions of the city and on the third floor is the result of the influences and shows the contemporary life of Macau.  This is a suitable place for history aficionados and for the whole family as well.

Wine Museum and Grand Prix Museum

WIne Museum and Grand Prix Museum share the same building.
Wine Museum and Grand Prix Museum share the same building.

After Macau Museum, we headed to Rua Luis Gonzaga Gomes, 10 minutes away from the city centre to visit not just one but two museums.  Wine Museum and Grand Prix Museum share the same building, which is cool by the way, and has a modern feel like atmosphere and ambiance.

Wine Museum

Wines from different parts of Portugal were in exhibition at the museum
Wines from different parts of Portugal were in exhibition at the museum

It is common knowledge that Portuguese is very fond of wines.  Drinking a glass of wine a day is not anything unusual, that is why they are very particulars in choosing the best qualities of wine.  Here, in wine museum, you will learn the origins of different kinds of wine and the processes of making it.  Different regions in Portugal have different wine specialties, and the uniqueness of each and every  wine is evident on its taste, strength, and smell.  You can try and taste wines and it also has a wine shop in which some wines are only found there.

Wine Museum Wine Museum

Grand Prix Museum

Macau is a proud host to years of Grand Prix and all memorabilias are on display in this museum.
Macau is a proud host to years of Grand Prix and all memorabilias are on display in this museum.

For over six decades now, Macau has been conducting this yearly event and has seen a lot of familiar and most famous racers like Michael Schumacher and Doy Laurel and is one of the staple yearly events in the city.  The museum was established to showcase the most impressive cars and motorcycles that were used throughout the event history.  The museum houses quite a number of cars and memorabilia that would appeal for everyone.  After a fine stroll at the wine museum head straight to the adjacent exhibition room to be delighted with most magnificent cars and motorcycles available for public to see.

Grand Prix Museum Grand Prix Museum Grand Prix Museum

Handover Gifts Museum of Macau

Quite a number of gifts from different regions of China to welcome back Macau are on display
Quite a number of gifts from different regions of China to welcome back Macau are on display

From mid-16th century, Macau has been under the Portuguese colonization until 1999 when its sovereignty was completely surrendered to China, thus, making it a special administrative region.  When the sovereignty was handover back to China, different regions of the country, including Hong Kong and Magnolia, had presented gifts to celebrate the momentous event.  Different kind of gifts were given by different regions of China and each gift was personalized according to regions’ natural resources and local products.

Handover Gifts Museum of Macau Handover Gifts Museum of Macau Handover Gifts Museum of Macau Handover Gifts Museum of Macau

The museum is walking distance from Wine and Grand Prix museum and the impressive architectures, interior and exterior, houses these valuable gifts.  It also shows how each region of the country welcomed back Macau with open arms and how important it was for the Chinese history.  Be amazed with some of these amazing handover gifts from different amazing cities and provinces of China.

Macau Museum of Art

The museum features works from artists of Macau
The museum features works from artists of Macau

For our fifth and final visit of the day, we walked straight to the adjacent building, the Cultural Centre of Macau, where Macau Museum of Art is situated.  The museum features impressive painting of local artists that depicted the everyday life of Macau.  It was a bummer that the third level was under maintenance that time, so, we contented ourselves with the painting exhibits on the first level.  I am not really one who can articulately describe each painting, but from an outsider’s perspective, everything was impressive.  It doesn’t take a genius to appreciate the talent and hard work, one artist put into crafting an impressive painting.  I just hope I could verbalized and explained the meaning of each and every painting we saw.

Macau Museum of Arts

Like what I’ve mentioned above, it was the first time for us to do this, and it sure was worth it.  The day has proven to be very educational, informative, and eye-opening for us, in the sense that we know very little about our world – history, arts, culture, facts, trivia.  It was the first time but sure wasn’t the last.

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  1. I love museums.. Thanks for sharing. My sister and me is planning a Europe trip! And we are gonna visit all the museums! 🙂

      1. sure!! I love finding people who love museums too!! <3 Not everyone you travel would spend time in a museum with u! lol

        I love the museums in Florence!

  2. I loved the post! Yes, I love museums too… I have especially enjoyed my visit to museums in London and Basel… And there are quite a few in India as well 🙂 as far as history goes, my fascination with the history of India is never ending! 🙂

        1. Wow, sure thank you! You from Mumbai or Delhi? I know India is a big country, I really don’t know where to start.:-)

          1. I’m from Gujarat… West India 🙂 if and when you decide to come to the country do get in touch and I’ll help you sort through the places that are worth a visit 🙂

  3. Indeed, I used to have those stereotypes as well. But around two years ago, I visited a museum that I enjoyed a lot and I learned many new intersting things. If you pass by Shanghai, I can only advise you to visit the Jewish Refugees Museum! 🙂

  4. How fantastic! I’m a huge history buff. Museums are my happy place. Your photos are wonderful too. There’s such a rich and in my opinion NEEDED history that is still very relevant within their walls. Parts of the human condition that should still be so very important now. Ok I’m done lol! So jealous as usual.😊

    1. History is indeed important, it helped shape what we are today. From now on, wherever I go I’ll make sure to visit museums! haha😀

          1. Yes it is. I’m proud to say that it’s MY wedding. Don’t rush, your time will come. For now, explore the world and love thyself. 🙂 😉

  5. Nice photos! I think this is a good idea. Maybe I’ll plan to visit at least 5 museums in a day in Manila too. Will do a bit of research first. 😊 Thanks for sharing!

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