Bucket List:  Hong Kong Edition

Bucket List: Hong Kong Edition

One of the benefits and perks of working in Macau is its accessibility to Hong Kong. Only an hour of ferry ride makes Hong Kong my favorite place to chill and an avenue for releasing stress. Despite the numerous times I’ve been to the city, I haven’t fully explored the place. Sure, I’ve been to some of the most famous tourist spots in the city, thanks to my visiting relatives and friends asking me to be their tour guide, but, I haven’t fully experienced the quintessential Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Bucket List


There is more to Hong Kong than its magnificent skyline, astounding skyscrapers, and sophisticated infrastructures. Beneath the impressive façade is a city cultivated by its traditions, past, and ancient cultures. It is true, you’ll never get tired of Hong Kong and it will not fail to surprise you every time you visit.

As an expat living in Macau whose only holding a working permit, I’ll never know when Macao won’t need me anymore. And once my visa expires and the government or the company chooses not to renew it, then I do not have any other choice but to come back home. I am lucky if settling back home is by my own decision and not because I am forced to. If that happens, I may still visit Hong Kong, but I don’t have the luxury of exploring the city as I wanted to. That is why I made a bucket list of things to do, doable things, in a year or two or before I can no longer afford to do it. These are only ten things of the things I haven’t done and I wish to accomplish in a foreseeable future.


 1.  Visit Top Universities in Hong Kong


As a person who grew up in a province and had studied in public schools, big building, no matter how unimpressive, always amazes me. The first time I went to Manila, I was overwhelmed by structures I used to only see on tv. What had left me dumbfounded were big universities that comprise big buildings, enormous gymnasium and swimming pools, massive libraries and huge spaces. Back in the days, going to universities like; University of the Philippines, Ateneo University, and University of Santo Tomas was already an adventure for me. This time, I want to visit the biggest and the best universities in Hong Kong. At least three universities that are included on the top schools in Asia like, University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


2.  Take a romantic dinner on top of some of the highest buildings


Hong Kong is not only home of Cantonese cuisine, but also of different cuisines from different sides of the world. It has some of the finest restaurants that serve the finest dishes with exemplary service that is worth experiencing even once. In order to make that experience more unforgettable, why not dine and choose from different rooftop diners to get the most amazing view of the city while enjoying the scrumptious dinner in front of you and your loved one.


3.  Go Camping


I have been planning for this camping for a long time already but to no avail. The last time I went camping was back during my “boy scout” days and that was a memorable childhood experience. There are many camping sites in Hong Kong that are open for public to choose from, like, Pui O Beach campsite, Nam Shan Campgrounds, Cheung Sha Beach Private Camping, and many more.


4.  Explore Old Hong Kong life in Tai Po and North District


They say that you wouldn’t experience the old Hong Kong life if you don’t go beyond the walls. Tai Po and North District best exemplify the old life and culture and in direct contrast with the busy streets of the city. This side of Hong Kong is the side we don’t always see. We are used to the urban life that Hong Kong has shown us over the years, that we become oblivious of the traditional life of the rural area.


5.  Visit the biggest libraries


I have to admit, I am not a big fan of libraries when I was in school. The only reason you’ll spot me in there was because that was the best place to take a nap.  But over the years, I have found my fancy over libraries and that made me regret not spending too much time back then.  I want to make up for the lost time by visiting the biggest libraries in Hong Kong and drowning myself with books, lots of books.


6.  Go Museum Hopping


I am not someone whom you’ll say a fan of arts and exhibits, so seldom I see myself in exhibits and museums.  But Hong Kong has a pretty interesting array of museums that even those who are not artistically blessed are tempted to visit.  Whether it’s an art museum, science museum, or a history museum, you’ll surely find it here.


7.  Embark on a romantic cruise


45-minute cruise seems like a very short time.  But, this 45 minutes will give you an unforgettable experience and an incredible journey on that famous “red-sail junk” traversing the beautiful Victoria Harbour.  I would like to immense myself with the amazing view only Hong Kong can provide.


8.  Go Trekking or Hiking


I haven’t done a lot of hiking in the Philippines and it’s a good thing that Hong Kong offers quiet a number of mountains to hike.  Whether you are a novice or an experienced hiker, you’ll find a mountain to hike suitable for you.  For now, I have my eyes set on hiking Lantau and Sunset Peak or the famous Dragon’s back.  Got to have my hiking pack ready!

Update:  We have started our hiking about right here:  Introduction to Hong Kong Hike

9.  Tour Tai O Fishing Village


Before Hong Kong became a modern residential area, a home of modern infrastructures, and before it gets flocked by tourists, Hong Kong was once a fishing village.  Though, there are still traces of the ancient occupation in some parts of Hong Kong, modernization has rapidly outgrew it.  I want to be taken back and experience the old life of locals, so, a tour in Tai O Fishing Village is definitely on this list.

Finally a check on my bucket list.  Read my accounts on our tour to Tai O Fishing Village HERE.


10.  Spend an entire day on different bookstores.


I know that I’ve established enough my love for books, so, this might seem redundant, but this is something I really want to do.  I’ve been to Hong Kong one time for the sole purpose of finding books, but, I haven’t been to all the bookstores I wanted to go, so before I leave Macau, I just want to spend the rest of a single day hunting the biggest bookstores and bookstores that sell second hand or offers book sale.

The list doesn’t include any ridiculous things I know I won’t be able to do in the next year or two.  These are the things I know I can accomplish and will be able to complete.  So, what am I waiting for?  Time to plan what to do first!

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Carlo has started working in Macau in 2007 and two years after, he met his destined-to-be wife, Lorna and they started exploring the world. Together.


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