OEC Online Application Tutorial

OEC Online Application Tutorial

I’ve mentioned not only once on my previous posts that, Overseas Filipino Workers who are coming back home for a short vacation and who wanted to be exempted to terminal fee and taxes need to have an Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC that is quite frankly not easy to get especially if the nearest Philippine Consulate is an hour or two-hour ride away.  But, thanks to the government’s initiative in implementing the online application, it has made OFWs’ life, a lot easier.

OEC Online Application Tutorial

If this is your first time to do and visit the OEC online application website, then, this post is not yet for you.  You might want to visit my previous post for the step-by-step tutorial.  Here is the link:  OEC Online Application.  If you’ve registered and had successfully created an account then, go on, this post is perfect for you.

Having this online application for OEC proves to be more convenient and saves a lot of time.  When I had to leave the Philippines after my short vacation and having an OEC processed online, I didn’t have to queue at the POEA counter at the airport to have it verified, I can just go straight to my airline check-in counter.  Hassle-free!

OEC online application is very easy and can be done in less than ten minutes, just make sure to follow this step-by-step tutorial:

Step by Step Tutorial

  1.   Visit the POEA website at: OEC Online Application
  2.   Log-in.  Enter your e-mail address and password.  If you don’t have log-in information then you have to register first.  Click on the link I provided above.OEC Online Application
  3.   After you log-in, you will be in the homepage and you will see your profile and all your personal information.  Click “next step” at the right hand side of the page.OEC Online Application
  4.   Enter your flight schedule.  Make sure that you’ve already booked your ticket or at least sure about your vacation date.  If your passport is expiring within six months of your intended travel, then you need to set an appointment and proceed to the nearest consulate.OEC Online Application
  5.   You will be asked if you were returning to the same employer.  Just click confirm.  If not, update your profile first.OEC Online Application
  6.   After you confirm, you are now ready to acquire an OEC.

Review and Confirmation

  1.   Review your information and the amount you need to pay.  For this online application, there is an additional 19.50php for the processing fee.  In total, an OEC costs 119.50php.
  2.   Choose your mode of payment.  There are different ways to settle the payment, you can pay it over the counter, through online banking, mobile payment like G cash, etc, or thru other methods, like LBC, etc.  The easiest way is thru online banking or mobile payment, just some click on the mouse and its done.
  3.   Confirm to settle the payment which will then redirect you to another window, the Dragon Pay.
  4.   Choose the source of the payment and click select.  For this example, I’ve chosen to pay using my BDO online banking.  First, take note of your reference number and then proceed to your personal bank’s website and make a fund transfer.  Transfer the fund to the account number that will be provided for you upon selection of your mode of payment.  After you’ve successfully transfer funds, take note of the reference number of the transaction.  Then go back to your dragonpay page.
  5.   Confirm your payment.  And proceed to your POEA personal profile page.  It will take approximately five minutes to processed the transaction.
  6.   After five minutes, go to your “My Transactions” page and you will be able to see that the OEC online application is successful.OEC Online Application
  7.   You are now ready to print your OEC and everything’s done.OEC Online Application

See, I told you, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3, very fast and very convenient.  Sometimes, if you’ve been working so hard, we just have to look for anything that can make our lives easier.  Even if it is as simple as this.

You have an OEC now, just enjoy your vacation, Kabayan!

Update:  Starting September 15, 2016, those who are 1) returning to the same employer and job site, and listed in the POEA database of OFWs; or (2) hired through POEA’s Government Placement Branch are exempted for OEC.

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