Game of Thrones Season 6: Why We Can’t Wait?

In less than a month, one of my all-time favorite TV series based on one of my most favorite book series, Game of Thrones, is finally back on TV!  All its devoted fans (including me, of course)  have been waiting for almost a year and now it is almost here and we could hardly wait!  This is probably the most anticipated TV series premiere ever.  This is for me, at least, the TV equivalent of Star Wars:  The Force Awakens.

The Season 6 will pick up where the Season 5 finale left off with Jon Snow lying in a pool of his own blood, leaving everyone to wonder about the fate of everybody’s favorite character.  But, unlike any other seasons, season 6 is special because for the first time since its pilot, everyone, book readers and non-book readers are on the same playing field.  Everybody is clueless!  I’ve read all the first five books of the series and I am one of many who get frustrated when George R. R. Martin announced that Book 6, The Winds of Winter, will not come out before the Season 6 of the hit HBO drama hits TV screen.  So, I am among everybody now who do not know what to expect, which is somewhat exciting and thrilling.

What we know so far?

After months of purely speculation and theories here and there, HBO has released trailers and made announcements that had somewhat answered some of the questions we had after the season 5 finale.  Here are some of the things we gathered for the upcoming season:

Game of Thrones Season 6 2

Jon Snow is returning, weather dead or alive or in another form, there is no denying he is returning!

After a season hiatus, Bran Stark is finally back, so is Hodor.

Ned Stark is also back, albeit, the young Ned Stark, through flashbacks.

The war between Queen Cersei and Olenna Tyrell is imminent and to watch out for.

Tower of Joy will be explored that would answer all questions revolving Jon Snow’s parentage, or not?

Euron Greyjoy will finally be introduced, just hoping he will be as great as the novel characterization.

Daenerys is back with the Dothrakis.

Jorah Mormont is sicker.

Samwell Tarly’s family will be known.

Theon Greyjoy and Sansa Stark survived the jump.

There will be a new red priestess and priest(?) in town.

Jon, Sansa, Arya, and Bran are still the people we will all be rooting for to win.  And Tyrion!

After the Hardhome (best episode of last season), we would expect white walkers to be more prevalent this coming season.

Cersei chooses violence and that’s gonna be nasty.

This is absolutely going to be an explosive season and we just couldn’t wait.  April 24, please come soon!  Here’s hoping it could live up to the hype and expectations.

We still have less than 30 days of waiting so, for now let’s content ourselves with the Game of Thrones Season 6 Red Band trailer below!

“Valar Morghulis”


Who else are excited?  🙂


53 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 6: Why We Can’t Wait?

        1. I’m guessing very very bad. I also wish a bad-ass Sansa this season, though not sure how that’s gonna happen.

          1. Yes with the Mountain to look after her > awesome. I’m a huge Lena Headly fan now. Did you see the chat show interview where the host asked her to become Cercie Lannister on the spot. Classic!

          2. There are plenty of other absolutely brilliant TV series > I love Vikings and Spartacus but Game of Thrones is the top of the pops for me. Even a lot of my Chinese students watch it. Cant wait to hear that theme tune again after a whole year

          3. I must give Vikings a chance, i’ve watched the first season it was good but i couldn’t get myself to continue. Breaking bad was my ultimate favorite.

          4. Did you give Spartacus a look? Like the film 300. I was sick last week and watched the whole 1st season LOL. Really sad about the main actor Andy Whitfield.

          5. Oh yes > sometimes they are perfect when you are off sick but they can destroy your time. My cousin kept on and on at me to watch Breaking Bad and I managed to deflect it for weeks. After a month or so he cleverly got me to watch the first episode and that was it > binge watching of the highest order LOL Broadwalk Empire//Battlestar Galactica//Hell on Wheels all life destroyers. ha ha

    1. haha. we wait for less than a year then they will give us 10 brilliant episodes then they will let us wait again for another year. haha

  1. so basically the HBO Season 6 Game of thrones is somewhat the same on George RR Martin’s content on his novel book 6. This is cool and amazing! By the way, thanks for liking my one blog post, I really appreciate it, thank you very much.

    1. Well it should follow book 6 since almost all storylines in the books are finished…i just hope book 6 comes out this year!

  2. So excited! Though I’ve not read all the books, I’ve been watching this show since the beginning. It’s never failed to shock and awe me. Khalessi is and always will be my favorite character.

  3. I watched the first 5 seasons together because I started following GoT much after everyone else. Since I had the privilege of watching everything together, the wait is even more cruel to me…!!! 🙁 But can’t wait for the next installment 😀

  4. 10 more days and The Game of Thrones is officially on air! Do you think the book is much better than the show or they are both amazing on their own? Haven’t read the books yet.

    Thanks for liking one of my post! 🙂

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