The A-Z to an Excellent Hotel Experience

The A-Z to an Excellent Hotel Experience

There are two kinds of travelers:  First, the one who picks the best hotel in the city of his destination and the second kind, the one who is looking just for a place to stay.  The former would typically look for a very nice hotel complete with amenities, a cozy environment, the services the hotel provides, and accessibility, because for him, after a very tiring day outside, he deserves to pamper himself.  The latter, on the other hand, would just look for the cheapest and any-will-do place.  He is a budget traveler because for him, he only needs a place to sleep for his whole day is spent exploring the place.

The A-Z of an Excellent Hotel Experience

The focus of this article is the first kind of travelers.  Those who consider their place of stay as an important part of their over-all experience whenever they travel abroad.  Especially today, there are huge hotels that are already considered resorts, for the hotel itself is already an attraction.  There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the hotel, and once you’ve considered a particular hotel, you are expecting and looking forward for an excellent stay.  The look of the hotel, the service of its staff, the amenities, are not the only factors that determine whether your stay is an excellent one, YOU play a pivotal part on how your hotel experience will turn out.

Let us now determine the A-Z that would help you have an excellent hotel experience.

Amenity:  Typical and standard amenities in a big hotel are swimming pool, gym, and baggage service.  Some other huge hotels, nowadays, have mini-golf, sauna, Jacuzzi, and spa center.  Make use of them, they are free for in-house guest.

Benefit:  Some room booking include free breakfast or lunch and some include free fruits, etc.  Know the benefits of your reservation, you paid for it and it is part of what they offer.

Concierge:  They are the information-center of the hotel, the brain, and to-go-to people for almost anything.  They are always there for your service to make sure that everything is fine, do not ignore them.

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Discount:  Hotel restaurants, shows, shops, and activity centers are giving discount to its in-house guest.  Ask.

Express:  No matter how beautiful the hotel is, if they always keep you wait in line, whether to check-in, check-out, or to simply talk to someone can definitely ruin your experience.  Some hotels provide express check-in or check-out, just ask.  Sometimes it is on their website, READ.

Friendliness:  Everyone knows that there is no excuse for a hotel staff to be rude at anytime.  But, we have to remember that these staffs are also human, no matter how hard they try to be always pleasant, sometimes they can’t help it.  Be friendly still, and they will be more than glad to assist you.

Graciousness:  A simple thank you can make a big difference.  A sincere gratitude and a genuine smile for the Housekeeping staff, or to the person who opens your door or to the waiter who serves your food will definitely lighten up his day that would lead for you having a better day.

Hotel Operator:  When in doubt, CALL.  When you need something, CALL.  Anytime of the day.

Itinerary:  If there is a wrinkle in your itinerary, whether it’s locating a tourist spot, transportation mode, or a blank space, ask people from the hotel to iron it out.  They are used in making itineraries for guests, so pretty much they know how to do it.

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Join:  If you are staying in a hotel with casino, join and be a member.  Souvenirs and initial points are sometimes given.

Knowledge:  You must be knowledgeable not only of the tourist spots on your destination but also of the hotel you are staying at.  Try to check the hotel and read previous guests’ reviews in trip advisor, agoda, expedia, or any other hotel-related sites.  You will pretty much know what are the pros and cons on your chosen abode.

Limousine Service:  You do not want to queue for a taxi?  Is the hotel far from the airport and you are arriving late?  You can inquire and avail the LIMO service on or after you make the booking.  100% more convenient and classy.

Map:  Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Venetian Hotel or City of Dreams Hotel in Macau, or Wynn Hotel or any other hotels in Vegas, are so huge they have their own shopping center, exhibition center, cinema theater, arena, and meeting rooms.  Chances of being lost are high, which would definitely spoil the fun, so, what better way to prevent it?  Map!  It is free and easy to use, you should have it.Venetian Gondola Ride

Net:  Wherever you go, you always look for WI-FI.  Having no access to the internet is a deal breaker.  A big no-no!

On the House:  Ask what are the free items you can have on your stay.  They normally do not offer, so ask!

Patience:  Everyone needs this.  Bear in mind that no matter how sophisticated, how grand a hotel is, something will go wrong.  Do not go into hysterics immediately, be patient.  Toilet bowl is clogged, call facilities.  No supply of coffee, call Housekeeping.  Everything has a solution.  Do not stress yourself out.

Question:  Remember, there is no stupid question.  Silly, but never stupid.  How to do this, how to operate that, what are charges on my bill, how to go to…, how to avail that, etc. 

Recommendation:  Who are the best people to ask for what are the best things to experience on a specific place?  Who else, but the Locals and the people who are living and earning a living to know the place very well.  Be it a restaurant recommendation, the best show in town, the most hidden wonders, and the actual beautiful spot not just on print, they are the experts.

Show:  Your bed may be the most comfortable bed in the world, still, get up and go out.  Watch local shows to fully experience the city.

Tip:  Be generous.  It doesn’t matter how much, it may be cliche but it is true, it’s the thought that counts.

Unpretentious:  Never act like a VVIP, especially if you are not, nobody likes that.  Try to be modest and not showy, the best care is received by those who deserve it.  

Voucher:  Hotels do provide dining, shopping, or rewards voucher.

Wake-up Call:  It is your last night, you decide to get drunk even if you have an early flight the following day to cap a very exciting stay.  The last thing you want is to miss your flight and totally ruin everything.  Ask hotel staff to wake you up and rest assured you’ll be on time.

Xenophobia you don’t have:  People who despise other people because of race, color, or because they are strangers, have no right to travel.  Period.

You:  Yes, it’s up to YOU!  You have this big responsibility to make for an excellent hotel Experience.

Zest:  Before you go on a travel, being eager and enthusiastic are the key points in having a very positive experience, so always bring these two with you.

So, there you have it, the A-Z to an excellent hotel experience!  Enjoy your next trip!

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Carlo has started working in Macau in 2007 and two years after, he met his destined-to-be wife, Lorna and they started exploring the world. Together.


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