Top Ten Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

Top Ten Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

Seldom do we see an actor who started young, found the fame, didn’t succumb to any vices and all the craziness fame brings and continuously do great movies and get appreciation from his work.  One of the few actors is Leonardo DiCaprio.  He is one of the most gifted actors out there that has a very diverse filmography worthy of emulation.

Top Ten Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

Last year, we have seen one of the best movies of the year, The Revenant, and we marveled at its great cinematography and we praised Leo’s physically and emotionally challenging performance.  I am not one who actually care about award ceremonies, Oscars included, but I can’t escape the popularity of the Leonardo-hasn’t-win-an-Oscar memes that are all over the internet and has become part of the pop culture. And many experts and critics are predicting that DiCaprio will finally get that elusive golden statuette and if that happens, that would be the goodbye of these famously overexposed memes.

But, before the Oscars, let us list down the best Leonardo DiCaprio movies perfect for your movie marathon ideas.

  1.  Inception: 

    This is one of my most favorite movies of all time and if you’ve watched it already you know why.  Written and directed by the genius, Christopher Nolan, he has brought us to the depths of our dreams and imagination. Inception

  2.  The Wolf of Wall Street:

    The most recent collaboration of DiCaprio and Scorsese is one of the most engaging, witty, funny, curse-filled movies of the recent years.  Even those who are not familiar with terminologies and environment of the Wall Street will find themselves absorbed and engrossed with Jordan Belfort’s world and all its jargons.The Wolf of Wall Street

  3.  The Aviator: 

    A biopic of 1940’s aviator Howard Hughes from his early years in Hollywood and aviation ’til his battle with OCD that led to him being a recluse.  The movie was also helmed by the legendary Martin Scorsese and is now considered to be one of the modern classics.The Aviator

  4.  The Departed:

    DiCaprio.  Damon.  Nicholson.  Wahlberg.  Scorsese.  Five names that get together to give us one of the most gripping and surprising mafia/crime movies of all time.  Though, a remake of a Hong Kong movie, the Infernal Affairs, The Departed has still managed to stand on its own and is now considered one of the best movies of all time.The Departed

  5.  The Revenant: 

    The movie that is predicted to finally give him that Oscars.The Revenant

  6.   Catch Me If You Can:

    A cat and mouse brilliant movie directed by Steven Spielberg which also starred the great Tom Hanks is a wittingly funny movie to watch.  Nobody can believe what Frank Abegnale can pull off to be considered the smartest con man of the recent memory.  How he does all of his con stunts are mesmerizing to watch.Catch Me If You Can

  7.  Blood Diamond: 

    The movie has given Leonardo his third well-deserved Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Danny Archer, an ex mercenary who needs to fight over a conflicted diamond.  What an excellent film!Blood Diamond

  8. Gangs of New York: 

    The movie takes us back to 1860’s New York when Bill the Butcher is a reckoning force on the early New York Mafia ages.  Another movie directed by Scorsese and also starred by one of the most awarded actors of all-time, Daniel Day-Lewis as the menacing Bill the butcher.Gangs of New York

  9.  Shutter Island: 

    The fifth and the last of Scorsese-DiCaprio movie collaborations on this list has brought us to a criminally insane institution after a U.S. Marshall follows the investigation of a sudden disappearance of one inmate.  Make sure you don’t get spoiled before watching the movie to better appreciate it!Shutter Island

  10.  Titanic: 

    One does not simply exclude this movie in any Leonardo DiCaprio top movies list.  This is his claim to fame and has been the highest grossing movie of all time until the blue alien snatched the crown.Titanic

Time to grab that popcorn and turn on the Blu-ray and enjoy your movie watching!

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