OEC Online Application

OEC Online Application

So, I am having my much awaited vacation in the Philippines in a day to attend my brother’s “big day” and I’m pretty excited.  Aside from the usual routine of packing your luggage, buying things to be brought back home for the family, making sure you got everything you need for the next 5 days or so, we OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) have another thing on our plate to do before going back home and that is getting an OEC or the Overseas Employment Certificate.  Okay, getting an OEC is necessary not because not having this means we cannot return back to our jobs abroad but because having an OEC makes you exempted from paying terminal fee and travel tax which are not really cheap.

You see, some countries where Filipinos work don’t have an embassy or consulate in close proximity, so, they have to drive an hour or two to get to the nearest one.  Otherwise, if they wanna be exempted they have go to POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) in the Philippines to get one.   And I don’t want to elaborate because I’m pretty sure everyone knows the hassle on going to an agency in the Philippines, with all the queues, stop-overs, the counters, queues again, red tape, etc., it’s very taxing.  It was quite a good news that the Philippine government, POEA in particular, has launched the OEC online application.  It is beneficial for every Filipino workers abroad for the following reasons:

  1.  Avoid long queues on consulate, embassy or POEA.
  2.  For emergency purposes, just get it online and your good to go.
  3.  If you need to go back home and it’s holiday, no need to fret, just do it online.
  4.  Very easy.

OEC is Now Free! Click this link for procedures of Acquiring OEC Exemptions.

Update:  You do not need to have your OEC verified at the OEC counter at the airport, you can go straight checking in. 

*If you are only back in the Philippines for only 5 days and shorter, you can get an OEC at the airport which is also convenient.

If you’ve registered and has created an account already, then click on this link for the tutorial:  OEC Online Application Tutorial

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To help you go through this online application, I will be showing you the step by step procedures to make things easier for all of us.  You know what, it is very easy, you don’t actually need my help.  But, please be noted that this is only the first step for OEC online application, if this is your first time, then this is for you and this requires you to go to the consulate too, for the last time, because the next time you this, it’s all gonna be online.

  1.  Visit the POEA website at:OEC Online Application
  2.  If you haven’t registered, Sign up and fill out the necessary information.  If you’ve signed up before then just log-in.OEC Online Application
  3.  After you sign-up, go to your e-mail and verify your account.  After verifying, log-in.
  4.  OEC Number Verification:  For this one, since it’s your first time you have to click on “Click Here” to make an appointment.  Or if your record is not found, you also need to make an appointment.
  5.  Fill out the information with your personal data.  This next step will require you to enter your personal information, including your birthday, mother’s maiden name, passport information, work information, and your beneficiaries.
  6.  Upload Photo:  After you’ve successfully input your personal data, upload a clear and recent photo.  This is a necessary step, it won’t allow you to go further without uploading a photo.
  7.  Enter your flight schedule.  As everyone knows, having your tickets back to the Philippines booked is a prerequisite in getting an OEC.OEC Online Application
  8.  Set an appointment.  Select the nearest location in your area and the most convenient time for you to go.
  9.  Check your e-mail, POEA should have sent you a confirmation of your appointment and print it.  If there is no printer available, it’s alright, just show them the e-mail.
  10.  Go to the consulate you made an appointment with:  With the confirmation of your appointment and your passport, you are to pay the OEC and that’s it.
  11.  Go back to your account online and go to “My Transactions” button.  Then, print your OEC.OEC Online Application
  12.  Your OEC should look like this:

And your done, you’re good to go.  After this procedure, on your next flight to our beloved country, you will then see the convenience of registering online.  No more trips to the consulate to get an OEC and no more waiting.  The step by step procedure for that one is to follow… 🙂


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